Father’s Day

Thoughts asked 7 years ago

Let’s take a look at this days where we lose ourselves in a day instead of the person receiving the gift of love every day.
Being a father as I am, I have come to dislike the day Father’s Day, because of the symbol and not the meaning. We surround ourselves inside of a specific day that we tell our love ones that this day is your day. We buy gifts, flowers, presents, and other things to show our love for the person or persons that we want to recognize. But wait, I was a father yesterday and the day before that and I did not receive a hello how are you doing, thank you for being in my life, or just picking up the phone and saying I love you. Yesterday I did not exist, but today you will break your neck to say Happy Father’s Day. I would rather you save the money and call me 30 days later and say I love you. Am I just a father on June 18th, 19th or, whatever day Father’s Day fall on or am I a father every day. Your Thoughts.

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