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montawatyce Staff asked 4 years ago

PTSD is real. As a Desert Storm veteran as well as government contractor for many war campaigns overseas including Iraq and Afghanistan, I walked in this and did not understand why. Now I walk with God (The Father) sharing the realities of what PTSD really is and why it is so important to know God when this spiritual battle becomes your reality. Yes, it is easier to repair the body than to repair the mind in man’s war, but the mind renders the body useless if the ability to control one’s action is controlled by its ability to function properly.

The beginning process in helping to understand what you are going through is to talk to someone that has been through your situation and has come out the other side whole with the answers of who, what, when, where, and why. Knowing the Trinity; God the Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit is the intricate part that makes this journey possible. This path requires wisdom and understanding of The Trinity as well as having experience and vast knowledge in the area that has affected or stalled your growth in life.

As a soldier, it is hard for us to talk to a civilian (individuals that have not served our nation with blood and tears) that has not traveled the same path we have traveled. We recognize the stupid responses of people saying I know how you feel, which is a key indication for the soldier to shut down the conversation or give a negative or hostile response, because you do not know how we feel. If you know how we feel, what is your reason for not serving, I will sit and wait for the response!!!!!

PTSD is the constant thinking about a disastrous situation affecting your ability to move on. For combat soldiers it is what we have seen or experienced in battle, in our previous life. Yes, every day should be a new day with God, but Satan’s purpose is to keep you constantly distracted by keeping you focused on yesterday’s events and how you could have made things different. This is a recipe for disaster “your past is your past”. Sadly, we do not control our past, so the ability to make things different is impossible. The renewing of the mind is a requirement of God to move on in the process of healing.

Satan’s distraction of keeping us focused on previous events leads to depression, drinking, regret, hate, withdrawal, uncontrolled anger, suicide, murder, and so on. Nothing just mentioned in the previous sentence says Love (GOD). Your constant focus of past events and things you cannot change, destroys the process of rejuvenating the mind. Life does not stop just because a disastrous or negative situation happens. Satan wants you to believe the world around you has stopped and there are no answers to your situation.

“An idle mind is Satan’s workshop”

The bible was written for guidance in your walk with Him and eternity, not to be used to test your ability to remember it. Sorry to say this great tool of help (Bible) is being utilized for Satan’s purpose. This journey requires unshakeable faith and an undeniable walk with the Father.

Now that we know why and what PTSD is, it seems as if a simple solution should  solve this problem. The fact of the matter is your mind control your ability to move on. Satan’s attack of the mind is brutal and unchanging. Every day he sends his emps to give constant thoughts of what you have seen, been through, relate situations to your past, tell you your life is worthless, the world around you do not understand, no one cares about you, the solution to my problem is drugs and alcohol, and so on. Next, the body craves for the negative nature you have feed into it, and it tells the brain this is who you are, and you begin to walk in the things that the body craves. Next, your memory becomes your reality constantly reminding you of what you do not need to survive.

Seeking medical and personal help is the next solution. Suppressive drugs, opioids, marijuana, and so on. These are the tools man say we need to subdue the mind other than to control the spirits that initiated (sin) the process. Sorry to say these methods are temporary. Anything that suppresses a problem only create a time bomb when it is released. I am not saying that these temporary methods are not needed, but to come out on the other side whole requires a different process.

This is where our walk with the Father truly matters. The bible says, “we should die daily”. Meaning the things that happened to us yesterday should not carry over to the situation you are walking in today. Everyday should be a new day of renewing your mind and growing toward truth and wisdom. This takes knowing God for yourself. Not your pastor, your doctor, your spouse, your friends, significant other, or even family member. None of these people will remove the atrocity from your mind and help you to come out on the other side whole.

It is not an easy walk at the beginning, because the things of the world are more important to you than the things of God. Spending time with God, reading, praying, listening for His voice, and most of all having the right Spiritual Leader or Teacher to guide you through the muddy waters is essential. Every person that say “Lord, Lord” is not Spirit Lead, it matters. Getting to know God and walking with His Spirit (Holy Spirit) will make this journey easier and less painful. These are the steps needed to win this spiritual battle.

Hope this help in your road to recovery. Have a blessed day. Things to think about.