What do I do?

Real Life asked 8 years ago

I went to a play today. It was a good play, but it seems like a play I have seen before. Basically it is the same play. The birth and crucifixion of Jesus. Another version of Jesus life and I still do not know if I am going to survive another day on this earth with the struggles and strife I am going through. The preacher had a good message after the play and it told us how to become saved and what is required to become a son of God. Again the daily protocol of walking up front, the preacher laying his hands on you and you becoming saved.
Next a brochure was given to all people that went up front. I do understand all people are not going to follow the call of Jesus and I do understand planting a seed. After I leave the building with my new brochure and my renewed faith, what’s next?  Do I call immediately, because as soon as I leave the building my wife and I start complaining, the kids are unruly and not listening to me. Another family member wants something for nothing and I have to make a decision, do I say no and make them mad or do I give and be part of the problem.
I want to walk with the Father but my life is hell, literally.
When I make this call, do I tell the person on the other end my problems and I do not know if he will discuss my life with other people. Will he be able to fix the financial burdens that I am going through? Will my wife or husband get upset because I am talking about our life to a total stranger.
I know I should have faith and believe He (Jesus) will be there for me because I saw it in the play. But reality has set in and I am on a sinking ship going nowhere. What do I do?