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puzzled asked 8 years ago

When in the company of co-workers and associates some of them will cuss and swear. Knowing that I am a believer some will say to me, “excuse me”. Does the “excuse me”; imply that I should get more respect than the God who also hears the cussing and swearing? Am I wrong when I reply,”God has heard the cussing and swearing and you’ve shown Him no respect nor offered apologies so offer me none”.

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montawatyce Staff answered 8 years ago

Puzzled…good question. The question itself brings about a many things that can be discussed. The question itself shows how unaware people really are to God and His presence here in the earth. It shows how much many live to themselves and not unto God. Digging spiritually into the “excuse me” we can see and say that it does suggest more respect for you as a human simply because of the limited to no awareness of God. If in fact your reply and responses to your co-workers and associates is a move to incite and erect an awareness of God on their behalf then Amen!  Witnessing about God has many methods.

answered 7 years ago