Solomon did what may leaders should do and continue to do. Once we loose our focus of God then focus goes to self. Looking always to God will keep us humble in our positions of authority.

Solomon acknowledged that it was God who placed him in the position of King over His people. Solomon also acknowledge that without the wisdom of God in his place of authority he himself would not be successful. What Solomon asked of God the night of His visitation showed that Solomon’s heart at this time was pure to the call of God and the position God had placed him in. As we follow Solomon’s life in I Kings chapter 11 we find him departed from the ways of God and following his own way. What happened?  Verse 1 of chapter 11 opens with self. “But King Solomon loved many strange women,

Self caused Solomon to forsake the humbleness of way before the Lord which leads to steadfastness. He instead embraced pride and arrogance….”I’m King, I can have!” Self led to turning away from God.

As a leader Jesus Christ taught by example that leadership isn’t about the Leader but about the subjects. This statement is one that should be well pondered and meditated upon.

In my daily walk with God I see all the more that what He does is motivated by the love He has for the subjects. God doesn’t need rain but we do. He doesn’t need sunshine…we do. He doesn’t need finances….we do. There is an endless list of the oh so many things that shows that how God as a leader unselfishly loves the subjects. His leadership is not about what He can gain but about what He can give and because of this He receives the accolades of men. God doesn’t abuse His authority to make men subjected to Him. He doesn’t threaten their lively hoods to make men do things to stroke an ego. Oh if many in authority would study the greatest leader there is  the work place would be almost heavenly. Selah