God has a timetable set on rains and storms.  Many of us have never meditated on this insight. He knows when to give rain and allow storms and he knows how long the two should last. God has a purpose behind the rains and storms that he sends or allows. Every storm doesn’t come directly from the plan of God. There are storms that he allows as with the storm Job faced. A preacher once said…If God brings you to it…He will see you through it.

One of the most pertinent questions to ask when faced with a trial or test is; “God what is it that you want to produce or even mortify in my life?”

Self-analysis always presents itself in the believer’s life.  When a test or trial has brought us face to face in conflict with another, self-analysis comes asking questions of ” what could I have said differently? Did I provoke the confrontation? Should I have kept silent? Did I ruin my testimony? Is God upset with me? How do I change things and make it right?”

Many tests and trials in my walk with Christ throughout the years showed me where at times I was a whiner. At other times it showed where I had a dysfunctional attitude, or I had anger issues or self-righteous issues and was even overly judgmental.

With God by both His Spirit and His word, showing me the light of who I was and even now can be…I with great joy receive the corrections for the errors and ways the test manifested and submit it to the Holy Spirit for mortification and for my continuous transformation. More than anything I want to be conformed into the very image of Christ.

Can you find joy in your test and trial this week?  Selah

Flip the Scripts Admin.