Portraying Jesus and Walking with the Enemy

A few months ago, I started working with a new company. I wanted to raise money to support my fellow veterans. The owner of the company famous phrase was “I am blessed”. So, upon working at the company, I knew I was walking into a God fearing, Jesus’ loving, and Holy Spirit lead company. To have a conversation with the owner will give you the feeling that everything about this man is Godly and he is walking a God-fearing life. We had devotion every Monday, prayer before work when time permitted, reading passages, and talking about Jesus and His teachings. The words being a great steward with God’s money would be addressed during every devotion to let us know money was not something that he dwells on or care about.

Well, the truth be told, what a person speaketh does not equate to a Godly walk.

Every day money is written down on a sheet of paper and tallied to check the amount collected not recorded in business records. Cash and personal checks are encouraged, because no tax are included. I was thinking this was a good thing about the tax break, but I was sadly mistaken. The purpose of these transactions is to be invisible to the business owner partner. The funding collected goes straight into the owner pocket or cashed at his bank account and not the company account to be visible in the company’s bank registry for accountability (stealing).

Every word spoken about money was about profit, how much did he make, new avenues of making money, but the process of making money was to use someone other than his friends to make that profit. Saying what people wanted to hear to get jobs, sales, and people trust but delivering something less valuable for his purpose. (Habitual liar)

Always putting his employee’s lives at risk, because of the carelessness of managing his business, i.e. vehicles and equipment not repaired properly trying to save a dollar on broken or used equipment and not repairing reported problems. Always blaming employees for misuse of equipment but equipment is so old and outdated it is a safety hazard to the employees as well as other people on the highway (love thy neighbor as thy self).

The company has great people who gives an honest day work for an honest dollar, but struggle with the ability to do their job, because of the owner’s interference and constant lying to employees and customers. (Proverb 19:9; A false witness shall not be unpunished and he that speaketh lies shall perish)

This is an experience that I can honestly say opened my eyes to a new kind of talking Christian versus a walking Christian. This story probably sounds familiar to a lot of people. Every professed word or talk leaves you to wonder who a person is or is he or she just saying words to influence people to think that they are honest, so they can mistreat, abuse, or take advantage of. You have to travel in that season, because it is design for you to do to benefit others. Telling the truth about a season educate others and make them aware of the situation that you just experience. People say that talking about someone is a sin, I have to say it is, but to tell the truth is that a sin or are we making people aware if they have not changed. No exaggeration because then it becomes a lie and you become what you came out of.

As a believer and Holy Spirit lead person, my days were spent trying to find ways to correct the wrong that was portrayed as being right. I have not walked this walk long in earth time, but I think God has called me to travel that season for the benefit of others. Satan is here to steal, kill and destroy using the name of our Father and Savior.