America, What Have We Become?

When I was an unbeliever as well as a believer (saint) now, I could not and cannot comprehend or understand believing in a man so strongly that it leads a person to their destruction, physically or mentally. What currently took place at the Nations Capital is a fine example of what the mentality of the people of Americans has become (sinners) versus who they supposed to be (saints). In other words, as I describe in this piece, suicide bombers.

November 18, 1978 a cult leader, false prophet, pastor named James Warren Jones, also known to the world as Jim Jones led his followers 918 people to a murder-suicide or their death or as the bible calls it, their destruction.

These men and women listened to, walked with, believed, and said they loved a man that had no more power than the person they saw in the mirror (themselves).  The bible speaks of false prophets in Revelations and how man will follow them to their destruction. The false prophet’s purpose is to get you to believe in them and not in the God that created them. How can a man that puts his pants on the same way you do become your God? The weak mind and thinking of the American people.

Americans disagree with their children because of their destructive ways and they wonder why children do not want a better life for themselves. The older generation of Americans call today’s generation of children the entitled generation, but the “teachers” parents (mother and father), guardian, or spiritual leaders which is required to lead them to a life that is worthy of the country they live in is more confused than the children they teach. How can we expect more from our children if the example the “teachers” (parents (mother and father), guardian, or spiritual leaders) set shows the destructive nature of the God they honestly believe in, “Satan”?

Americans talk about Iraq and Afghanistan and how the Taliban military can become suicide bombers and kill Americans. Americans has become extremist (suicide bombers) themselves, because of a belief in a man (Donald Trump) and receive nothing, while the Taliban belief is they will receive 72 virgins from their God Allah in Heaven for their service.

Both beliefs and understanding goes way beyond common sense, understanding, and wisdom, because false prophets lead you to destruction without you thinking or rationalizing why you are following rather than leading you to a better life with understanding and truth. Following deceit robs you of the ability to make wise decision and leads you on a path of self-destruction.

Men thinks that they has to follow a human leader, cause, or organizations to have self-worth. How sadly mistaken they are as people, because to be free requires you to walk and live-in truth and to love thy neighbor as thy self. Do not follow your neighbor but live-in peace with all men regardless of color, race, gender, or any other distinction that makes you different from them. Diversity is what makes us great and gives us the ability to grow and to become better as a people. Like minds is great when you have the same goals but succeeding in that goal requires diversity.

Yes, we are in bad times because the separation of man and man’s racist policies has caused America to become divided other than unified. The reason we are here is our traditional thinking other than Godly wisdom that guides us out of destruction.

The proof of this understanding is insurrection at the Capitol Building, where we are right now. The world did not get this way because we loved it or the people that occupy it. The world is this way because of our hate for one another, our destructive nature without God, and our refusal to love thy neighbor as thy self. Keep hating, keep destroying, keep thinking God created a superior race, keep walking in self other than love, keep thinking your gods (false prophets, positions, leaders, idols, money, race, material things, cell phones, clothes, cars, friends, etc.) will make things better or make this a better America. Destruction begets destruction.

Every unsaved person on this planet has an agenda and that agenda puts them first without God. So, stop thinking an unsaved person has your best interest at heart. Name a time in history when Satan (unsaved man) has done the right thing for others or this country, self-gratification. I say again, every man on this planet has an agenda for themselves without God. Who do you serve? Who is your God? You should know the difference.