Relationship Intimate 2006

Joyce, this a very touchy subject: a subject so hard that if one doesn’t have the heart or the mind to do what’s right; it will cripple them. Relationships aren’t strange things. The strange things are those things that people do in relationships, relationships were meant to be. They simply weren’t meant to be outside the guidance of the one who instituted relationship in the first place, God.
The subject of a man loving his wife as himself is to the Christian man who has established a relationship with his creator and maker. Any marriage apart from God Joyce is headed for many troubles and many destruction’s. The hardest things for most men to accept Joyce is that they were not meant to be in charge of anything or anyone apart from the guidance, the instructions, the knowledge in God.
Who do you think taught Adam? Adam was created a grown man according to flesh and age, but he was yet a child needing to be reared by God. Who do you think taught Adam how to work, how to care for a family, how to have sex etc., to do what was right and just to do for Eve and the family. Who explained to Adam the emotions he needed for Eve, the family. Who was there except God? Every man is still in the ignorance that Adam was in concerning all of the above issues. And before a man, (many) will humble himself and come naked before God about their inadequacies, about their ignorance they’ll go and seek the guidance of men of flesh that are in the same state that he himself is in apart from God and reap to himself a pure mess; reap to himself confusion, and trouble. Why? Because Bob said do this and Charlie says do that and Sam says here how it’s done and all of this is mess. Did Adam and Eve divorce? No. Did Adam and Eve see difficult times learning one another and living one with the other? Yes. What did Adam do? Sought the guidance of God. If Adam were here today he would put most men to an open SHAME. He would hardly believe what his eyes would see and his ears would hear.
Well the first man Adam has gone on but the last man Adam reigns.