The Live Wire

March 19 1995 6:25 p.m.

The Live Wire!

Joyce: Holy Spirit hello. Forgive me the lateness of the hour before communing with you. It has ranged in my spirit much, the reminder of conversing with you today. Help me to be faithful to these times with you. Thank you also for working it that Martino has a interview for a job. There be many things I’ve come to know in my spirit since yesterday when I accepted you as Senior Partner in my life. Would you repeat some of those things that I may record in my dialogue?
Holy Spirit: Indeed I will and hello also. Yes I reminded you of our private time today. Thanks for Co-operation. I said to you last night Joyce that the reason I’m showing you the aggressive, assertive side of me first is that you know that I have the same authority as God the Father, Jesus the son and that with the same reverence and respect you give to those two of the Godhead bodily you give also to me. Truly I am not to be toyed with. The seriousness of my very existence is to be reverenced and appreciated. Remember how the word states that one can blaspheme the Father and the son and receive forgiveness but to blaspheme his Spirit is death;…. Unforgiveness in this world as well as the one to come? This scripture alone should show the believers the seriousness of my existence. To put it in a way that can be best understood is; “Many people will take a wire used for current and handle it all sorts of ways because the current connecting wires are covered. But once there is a break in the wire revealing the current connecting wires people will began to handle it with caution and care knowing that one wrong move could cause death by electrocution.
In the beginning of times I am yet it was the Father who was the run of the mill as you humans say. Though I was at work the current connecting wires was inside the covering. Then the son (Jesus) came on the scene and yes I was there working but Jesus was the center, the run of the mill and I again was the current connecting wire inside the covering. When Jesus finished the work of redemption of the which I also was there, He ascended and the wire coverings were taken away leaving the naked wire, the current connecting wire, exposed and in charge.
Those of whom I reside must with Care and righteousness, handle the wire, This live wire cannot be toyed with without hurt and harm coming to that individual. Annanias and Sapphira toyed with a live wire. They died.
Joyce: Holy Spirit this is deep. This is deep
Holy Spirit: Many Joyce take me lightly bringing hurt to their own souls. I do need more people teaching on the reality of who I am, My purpose. Joyce many times (and I say that we the Godhead bodily is color blind. However to show a truth I will say it this way) Many times the white race will study, set in the presence and learn of me. They’ll teach their race and this is why they excel more into the depths of the knowledge and Power of God. You’d be very much surprised at how the ministries overseas prosper in the power, the miracles, the gifts. This part of the world, the black race is far behind simply because of tradition and a lack of study and quiet time. Yes I know it has been labeled of the black race to be a jumping, hopping, tongue speaking prophesying, singing church and it is sad but true. For this is as far as much of the black race wants to get. There is so much more to me than what is actually being portrayed. Jumping, hopping and singing is something every individual is taught in his or her life. Singing is a talent many are born with. Tongue speaking is a part of me as well as prophecy but these two are not all of what I do. Please let tell the people.
Joyce: Yes Holy Spirit. And these things make you quite grievious don’t they?
Holy Spirit: Indeed they do. For I am not allowed by many to work the fullness of my ability and to fill the mission and purpose for which I’ve come.

Joyce: I apologize for the people Holy Spirit. Please forgive us and help me as well as those of them who know this to pray the things we ought for the people.
Holy Spirit: Yes Joyce I will direct your intercession for the people. Do you know also that many times if the people are not seeking me for the needs of the people in prayer, that many things go undone in lives?

Joyce: You had me sharing this Holy Spirit with my friend Mary Ann on Thursday as you burdened my heart for the drug user we met on the corner.

Holy Spirit: Do you not know that because you yielded yourself a vessel to me to intercede for this young man that he will in turn receive the glorious gift of salvation and be redeemed from that curse of sin. Had you not prayed, had another not prayed he would have found himself in a devil’s hell permanently, eternally.
Prayer prevails the impossible, the inevitable, the what seemeth unchangeable. Prayer has power and when I press upon your spirit to pray for someone then just do it unquestionably. This is called reaching the lost at the cost of prayer. Never forget that Joyce.

Joyce: Amen Holy Spirit.