Knowing the Season II

Many live as if this season in eternity will never end. Just as natural seasons come and go so does the seasons in eternity. The earthly calendars and seasonal changes informs you of the upcoming season and warns of the possibilities that will take place in a particular season. Unfortunately for man no one except I know the end of eternity’s seasons yet,  I’ve place many indicators in the earth that shows that this particular season will end. Not only have I placed in the earth and sky indicators through both natural and worldly events, I also have some servants who are crying loud and sparing not even as Jeremiah did in his season, of upcoming events.

Because this season in eternity is running its course and that which has been prophesied from years before regarding the return of Christ has not yet taken place, many like in the days of Noah scoff, mock, scorn and walk in disbelief of the prophesy. Yet like in the days of Noah in its due season the rains came and all but eight people where destroyed in the flood, so shall it be in this season.

As much as many scoff at the Bible and say that it was written by men; discrediting its contents, no other book on the face of the earth entails and details this season of eternity as the Bible does. Because man many times wants to pick and choose what to accept and not to accept as true from the book; and I speak of those of them who have a slight degree of belief,  they’ve overlooked the indicators of the seasonal change and will find themselves sleeping and without the oils of salvation when I send Christ to harvest that which is mine.

I have in no wise delayed the coming of Christ. Being faithful to my own self, this season runs its course for the purpose of fulfilling what I’ve purposed before the foundations of the world regarding those of them whom I’ve chosen to be heirs of this oh so great a salvation.

Let not that which seems to the human mind as a delay become in the heart of man a denial of what has been prophesied in regards to the coming of Christ. For as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways and my thoughts higher than man’s and not one word that I have uttered through man and indicators will return unto me void. All will be fulfilled.

Worldly distractions has placed man in a slumber. He sleeps to the knowledge of the season that is around him and for this cause the earth is plummeting in a downward spiral while the distractions of the world deceives man to think he is upward bound. Encourage one another, those of you who have awakened, to know the season!

Suggestive reading: Matthew 24:1-51  Matthew 25:1-46