Knowing the Season I

Knowing the Season        Ecclesiastes 3:1a:  To every thing there is a season,

Eternity has always been. Some conceive eternity to be a future existence where in all actuality eternity was before anything formed, anything thought about. Eternity has no dated beginning. Eternity has no end. Eternity has seasons and whether man will accept it or not he was created in eternity. He was sat down in the midst of eternity. Just as the earth has its seasons even so eternity. Man was created in a season of eternity. All men shall live forever be he sinner or saint. Just as there is no end for God there is no end for man who was created in the image, the similitude of God. God breathed eternity into man and he became a living soul,  a soul who will not cease to exist. Just as seasons end in the earth, so does seasons end in eternity. Yet eternity still remains.
God is an eternal being and so is the man He created. Adam was created to live forever and he does. His earthly season in humanity, in flesh has passed away in the destruction of the earthly tabernacle, yet he lives. Jesus proved this by and through resurrection. When a man departs the earthly realm does he live on? When a man sleeps shall he awaken? From the earth he has departed.  From the eyes of remaining flesh he is asleep but he is awakening in another season of eternity. Reincarnation? No. Simply in another place in eternity. When asked where will you spend eternity and your reply is that you are already in eternity, people will cry blaspheme and have you committed. However, this world is just a place or a season in eternity that shall end, yet eternity exists on.
Eternity has no day by day construction. Everything about eternity already is in existence and works on a time table that has already been set into motion with its existence. Some would choose to think they are in control of eternity but they aren’t, can’t be and never will be. This is why Jesus said when asked when will the end of all things be; this has the father set in His own time. In other words, “let this season in eternity run its course”. Can any man stop the winter season at his choosing or the fall etc.? These seasons have to run their course. Eternity walks a path, a set course that won’t be changed. This answers the question many ask of “why doesn’t God stop this, that, and the other”. In this season of eternity man can make choices for either good or bad, yet it doesn’t alter eternity’s  course. Example;  in the winter months or season you can choose to dress properly, take advantage of the season or hibernate. Whatever you choose to do in this season doesn’t stop the season from running its course. If you choose to step out into the winter season in a bikini, the season doesn’t change to meet your attire. You’ll simply reap the benefits of being foolish during the winter season with maybe a cold, flu, pneumonia, or possibly death. The season wasn’t at fault; you were.  The season simply continues to run its course.
This time in eternity’s season is the acceptable time of the Lord. It continues to run its course. What an individual chooses to do in the midst of this season is entirely up to him or her.  This season isn’t stopping and waiting it’s simply walking its course. There is really no delay, it’s just walking its course.
Just as there are indication of earthly seasonal change, there too are indications in eternity’s seasons. Man will see indications in the earth of seasonal change and begin to prepare himself for that season however, living blinded spiritually some can’t see the indications of eternity’s  seasonal change. This is why there are men and women of God still in the earth broadcasting the news of eternity’s season and its changes. Even some are sleeping during this season when they should be awake. However, know that eternity is still on its course and has not stopped and will not stop.
Eternity has no end, no breaks, no down time. Even with people fading away as grass, eternity moves on. Eternity is unhindered by surroundings,  unhindered by circumstances. Whatever happens in this season in eternity happens.  Eternity doesn’t stop. Eternity keeps moving. Somethings in this season goes around and around, happens over and over again, yet know it’s not because eternity is going around and around in a circle, eternity is keeping a straight course.
Earthly seasons comes every year and go every year yet notice the changes in each season. One season may bring more rain than the year before, more heat than the year before, more snow than the year before, floods where there had never been,  more wind and rain. Sometimes the season can bring less of  the before mentioned yet, in every season there is a variance. The season aren’t going around and around, they are walking a course.
Even your lives have their seasons. Some seasons run a course and some seasons are altered by the choices you make. Your lives have seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, naturally and spiritually. Think about it. Your seasonal lives are not equated to the earthly winter season that you are in. Some have summer seasons in the earthly winter season. Winter season in the earthly summer season. It would help and individual to take notice of his season that he knows some of what will befall him. For in the earthly winter season you expect cold winds, low temperatures and freezing so you prepare. The same with summer, you expect high temperatures, extreme heat and some drought. Become aware of your season. in the spring you expect rains at all different times, heavy, sprinkles, storms. Know your season and what it will bring.
Some seasons you can expect or detect simply by choices you’ve made. Seasons of lack when you’ve not worked. Season of drought when you’ve gathered no water. Season of spiritual poverty when you’re not filled your spiritual cupboard. Season of hunger when you haven’t sown to harvest. Sometimes you’ll make the error of attempting to change a season that has to run a course. This season in your life is a season that has been set by God to change you, to build you by breaking or making. It is always imperative to go to God about a season. He’ll be glad to tell you whether the season is His doings, your doings or the enemy’s doings.

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  1. This gives a whole new meaning to what man think or how we think. To say anything other than God created would be untrue. A deeper understanding is what we all should strive for. Awesome teaching and understanding of the Holy Spirit clarifying God existence.