Let’s Talk

Good morning God.

Good morning daughter

How are you today Lord?

I’m God daughter. All is well. How can I assist you daughter?

Wow…that’s a heart touching question Lord. I’ve gotta ask you that question myself a lot more times than I do.

This would be nice daughter. By doing so you’d be surprised by both my response and where I lead you. You have not because you ask not. Meditate on this.

Wow….even briefly thinking on what you just said Lord leads me to knowing that in asking how I can assist you will lead me into new experiences with you. Gee….what we lack all because we do not ask. You are something else Lord.

You’re right daughter….I am something else. I am God.

Lord you make me smile.

As do you me daughter.


Yes daughter?

Do you vent?

Now you make me laugh daughter. In answer to your question which also poses a question; yes I do. Who takes the time to listen?

Oh……well…….I never thought that question would come from my questioning thought. Care to elaborate God?

Yes daughter. Thank you.

Um…..you’re welcomed?

The question mark daughter behind your response asks what a whole lot of people wonder about me. How much of a person am I? The answer is, I am as much of and more than the persons I’ve created. I am not inanimate. I am a living person possessing personality and volition. This is how you came to be. Because I am…you are. If there was no living me, there would be no living you. If I was emotionless then you too would possess no emotions. Being that you do daughter then……

I feel you Lord. I understand fully. So then like you I have to ask of the question that I posed, “Who takes the time to listen to the heart of God?”   hmm…..