I Don’t like to Read

One of the sadder things that I often hear from people and especially professing Christians is; “I don’t like to read.”  Upon deep meditation on this statement the Holy Spirit said to me that people should rephrase that statement and be specific about what it is that they don’t have a love for reading. He said people read what they want to. I have to agree with the Holy Spirit because He is speaking the truth.

Let’s look at a few things by way of conversations and then of course we can flip the script. Follow me in these conversations from people who don’t like to read.

“My co-worker gave me a most heart touching card today.”

“Man my pay check shows that I have been shorted eight hours!”

“The newspaper has our movie listed for 6:00 p.m.”

“We received a wedding invitation in the mail. Blank and Blank are getting hitched.”

“The bank statement shows that you withdrew $100.00 dollars out of the account last month. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Who is it that keeps calling your phone from a 555 area code huh?”

“Hey did you see what Blank posted on face-book?”

“According to this sales ad…..”

“This letter says that the first of the year I’m getting a raise in my benefits.”

“12% alcohol”

“My credit card number is 4892….. um the expiration date is….hold on  sir I dropped my card”

“4% fat”

“The article in People’s magazine said…..”

“My boo sent me 12 long stem roses and a card that said…”

“Hmm let me see….this recipe calls for 3 eggs, a stick of butter….”

Okay…can we say Flip the Script?

2 thoughts on “I Don’t like to Read

  1. This a very true statement . I walked this walk for many years. I read what I wanted to read and did not take the time to exercise the mind. Spent many many years in the gym exercising the body, but neglected the mind. It took me to the age of 48 to sit down and read a book longer than five or 6 pages, a pamphlet. It took my changed heart, the love of God, fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and last but not least the fellowship and studying with a very strong believer and Prophetess to guide me in the right direction. The reading of a book called “A desire So Strong” and learning of the Holy Spirit through the reading of “Welcome Holy Spirit”, “Good Morning Holy Spirit”, and “The Anointing” by Benny Hinn opened my mind to the Spirit of God (Holy Spirit). These books changed my life and my understanding of God. Learning the Holy Spirit open my eyes to learning the Bible. Without the Ultimate Teacher the Holy Spirit how can you understand an inspired book written by inspired people. Many will say otherwise, but I will say this, how can you truly, truly, truly know the father without His spirit. Jesus left so that the Comforter could come. With the Holy Spirit guidance and confirmation and a great teacher, I now own about two hundred books and have read 90% of them and still adding in less than 18 months.
    Knowledge comes from interaction and walking what you have learned. To listen and not interact, leaves you with questions, false understanding, and most of all a lack of zeal, or in other words, a lost of desire to want to learn more. My life is better, marriage is great, and I have a relationship with the Father (Trinity) that no man can take or discourage. I encourage all to seek out the Holy Spirit and do not make a move without Him.

    • Gee thank you for sharing that wonderful testimony. Through conversing with flip the script staff this morning we came to a greater acknowledgement of most of life being spent reading. We have a saying in the land of “You are what you eat.” This saying takes us further than physical food of course. Reading is a form of eating. Notice that people who read junky stuff have junky minds which shows in both conversations and actions. I’ve heard several people ask on numerous occasions after listening to or watching a junky minded person; “Where in the world did he or she come up with such foolishness?” In agreement with the Holy Spirit I must say we read what we want to.
      For the believer who says I don’t like to read, it saddens me and prompts so many other questions. The word of God and spiritually inspiring materials I believe are the tools God has
      given and allows for our spiritual growth and insights into and for the Christ like way of life. As we grow spiritually and grow in our walk with God we then are able to assist God in assisting others. One of my most favorite motto’s when conversing with and teaching others through bible studies, conferences and what ever other things God purposes is, “If you don’t grow you can’t go.” Flip the script