Good day followers. I’ve had a very interesting and successful morning introducing flip the scripts to interested people. Several questions and concerns were brought forth regarding the site. Flipping my thinking to possible thoughts of others, I’ve decided to take the time to post both questions and concerns of others hoping that by doing so it too will answer possible thoughts and concerns of many of you who follow the site but have not actively participated by way of asking questions, posting comments and sharing inspirational insights.

“Just what is this flip the scripts blog?” I was asked.

Response: Great question. I’m glad you asked. Flip the Scripts is a blog of shared thoughts, conversations, experiences, spiritual insights, comments, questions and replies regarding the Christ like way of life.

“Is it social media?”

Response: Of course, it is. Before you withdraw your interest because it is social media, please let me explain further. Flip the Scripts is a social media site that has been made accessible to people who are interested in socializing with other believers of Christ and in Christ to promote spiritual growth in the word and ways of God as well as promote and encourage a steadfast walk with God.

“Why this kind of blog?”

Response: Another great question. I’ve heard many Christians say, “There are not many people who just want to talk about the things of God.”

With so many other things feeding the lust and hunger of people on social media the Flip the Script Staff and I thought that this blog would be the perfect way to give people who desire to feast strictly from the table of God a way to converse about the things of God with other believers and to share what concerns and thoughts they want to share for insight and encouragement to others.

“Is the blog for Christian believers only?”

Response: Of course not.  Flip the Scripts is for all who have a sincere interest in the words, ways, and wonders of this Awesome God that so many have come to know. One of our greater desires regarding flip the scripts is that it will be a tool or agent used to bring people who’ve considered Christ but haven’t confessed Christ to the saving grace of Christ.

“Is this blog like face-book?”

Response: Flip the Scripts and Face-book have very few similarities. Unlike face-book, flip the scripts does not require individuals to create an account where a password is needed to log on and access the site.  However, when posting comments, asking questions and replying to existing comments, questions and replies to a name and valid email address is required. The email is never posted or revealed on the site. The email is only visible to flip the scripts staff. The name an individual uses is one to his or her choosing.  Flip the scripts does not ask for any other personal information or pictures. Unlike face-book flip the scripts isn’t designed where you will get nor make friend requests.

“So, anything can be asked, commented and replied to on this site?”

Response: Not exactly. Because flip the scripts is a Christian based site, we ask participants to refrain from the usage of unclean language which includes cussing, cursing, name calling and any other kind of talk that is not a Christ like way of interacting with others. We do encourage insight sharing and discourage arguments. In His ministry of distributing spiritual insight and knowledge the Holy Spirit didn’t give all insight and knowledge to one person. Distributing suggests many. There will be posting, comments, and replies that some will not agree with yet there is a way to disagree agreeably.

“What if in my commenting and replying, I say something that is incorrect or simply doesn’t make sense. Won’t people laugh, belittle or make fun of me?”

Response: This is a very deep and interesting concern that deserves a comforting answer. All comments and replies though posted from the front door of the site are directed immediately to the back door of the site where the staff of flip the scripts will read for approval or disapproval on the site. If either a reply, comment or both is submitted that we the staff feel will offend, belittle and even discourage the question or comment seeker, flip the script will contact via email the respondent with a brief explanation of why his or her response will not be posted. Prayerfully the respondent will consider his or her response and submit it in a form and fashion whereby which it will not offend.

“Suppose I follow the flip the scripts blog and want to ask questions or make comments that I don’t want to be publicized but want a personal response from a member of the flip the script staff, is this possible?”

Response: God in all His planning for the site has indeed covered all areas. We can be contacted via email at info@flipthescripts.org

“In your presentation of the site I’ve notice a donation tab. Are we required to pay money for visiting the site?”

Response: Your visits to the site doesn’t require a payment. Vision of Veterans Support Services who sponsors flip the scripts is a nonprofit organization specializing in support and services for both veterans and their families as well as civilians in need.  All donations kindly donated on the flip the script site goes directly to Vision of Veterans Support Services where the finances are used to help people in need of support.  All such donations are tax deductible. For more information on Vision of Veterans Support Services please visit: www.visionofveterans.org

Anything given or donated is a blessing for those who do not have or wish to succeed. Support Vision of Veterans Support Services and make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.