More to Say

“Good morning daughter”

“Good morning Lord. This is the day that you’ve made and I will both rejoice and be glad in it.”

“Day is awesome isn’t it Daughter?”

“Sure is. I somehow feel that there is a message in that statement Lord.”

“Could be daughter…could be. I summoned you here this morning because I have to finish presenting my case.”

“You have a long trial Lord.”

“Funny daughter. I’ve been on trial every since the fall of man.”

“I see your point Lord. You were speaking on racism when you summoned me.”

“Yes I was. Of course racism falls under the partiality category you know. In fact there are numerous ways and thoughts that falls under the partiality category.”

“I believe you Lord.”

“Question daughter. From where did the different nationalities stem?

“You of course Lord”

“Really daughter? And just how did the different nationalities come into fruition or come to be?

“Adam and Eve Lord of course.”

“Really? Hmm….And how do you suppose that’s possible daughter?

“Genetics Lord.”

“Hmm….so then I with my partial self placed in humanity a gene that produced different off- springs of color? What does this say about me daughter?

“It says that you are God…the true and living God. Animals as well Lord produce off-springs of different color.”

“I’m glad you said that daughter. This fact prompts the question of; Is racism practiced in the animal kingdom? Does the brown dog say to the spotted dog “I won’t interact with you or even treat you as the dog that you are because you are not brown? Does the brown dog say to the spotted dog; I can see that you eat the same way that I do, you drink the same way that I do, you hear, see, smell and lick yourself just like me,  We breathe the same air in the same way. Hey you lift your leg up to pee just like me. How about that fire hydrant man and that unclaimed tree…oh I can see that aside from your spots we are just alike but your spots somehow makes you different and unequal to me so I can’t interact with you and receive you as a dog because you are not brown like me, good-bye.”

“Lord this is a very sad analogy. I see your point clearly now and I also see that truth isn’t always pretty.”

“The animal kingdom that man has dominion over exercises more righteousness than man himself. Next thing daughter….let’s do a flip the scripts exercise.”

“Okay Lord.”

“I am looking for the result of 4. I want to put things together that will give us the result of four. Now take the orange pencil, the green soda can, the clear water bottle and the white cell phone. Place these objects in front of you and count them.”

“Okay Lord I have four objects here.”

“So you took four different colored objects, four different shaped objects and put them together to get the result we were looking for; the result of 4?”

“Yes Lord”

“So then the design didn’t null or void the purpose?”

“No Lord it didn’t”

“What was more important daughter, the design or the purpose?”

“The purpose of course Lord?”

“Now follow me closely daughter. You could have said you couldn’t use the different objects because they were not of the same color and shape. With the objects not being of the same color or shape would it have given you a different result than using objects being of the same color and shape?

“No Lord. 4 is 4. It doesn’t matter if I used 4 green cans or one each of an orange pencil, white cell phone, clear water bottle and soda can.”

“Can you see the insanity of racism daughter?”

“Clearly Lord.”

“So to say that I am racist or present me as being racist is saying that I am insane. The only variances in man is the color of the shell and the design.

“Go take care of your business daughter.”

“Okay God and Lord….try to have a good day.”

“You make me smile daughter.”

Comments on “More to Say

  1. “Wow” that was very educational analogy, God can make us seem so small. Our knowledge of understanding is clearly minute’ compared to His. To hate or discriminate against your brother or sister shows that we are not as knowledgeable as we truly think we are. I guess to put it simply the lack of inspired knowledge shows the true ignorance of man.

    I guess no matter how well we see 20/20, mans knowledge, or what ever we want to call it, we are still blind. Thanks for opening my eyes in a simple, but complex way.