Well followers, I took to work the conversation that God and I had from the More To Say post on racism and asked some of my workers as well as other administrative staff this question by way of scenario:

If I went to a meeting and was the only Caucasian person in attendance and I say to a friend afterwards that I didn’t feel comfortable in the meeting because I was the only Caucasian there, does my statement say that I have conceived and embraced racism?

One administrator said no; it isn’t that I had conceived and embraced racism it was simply me being uncomfortable with self. One worker agreed however another administrator said I had conceived and embraced racism because had I not, being in a room filled with African Americans wouldn’t have bothered me.

What do you say?

5 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU SAY?

  1. I wouldn’t say that you have embraced racism but that racism has embraced you. I would say that you have conceived the seed of racism but has not birth it to the degrees of manifested hatreds and cruelties. Racism has embraced you with the knowledge of it existence and the knowledge of its insanity as well as the knowledge of awareness to people of color in that you can say”I am the only white person in the room. Everyone else is black. Like George I say that fear was the motivating factor in the discomfort you felt. The fear wasn’t so much as being afraid of the people but the fear of wondering what they were thinking seeing that you were the only white person in the room. Fear makes many false accusations.

  2. Can I say that racism/discrimination stems from fear, the unknown or the unawareness of what may happen or what you think may happen based on prior experiences or what you have read, been taught, or seen. This comes from reality events (conscious or unconscious), books you have read, or the television shows you have watched. Can I say this, if there were no fear would you discriminate or conceive the notion to have racism. If we only feared God and nothing else as the bible tells us, would racism, discrimination, or segregation exist.
    If you are following the Spirit of God, truly following Him, then every situation you go into is a normal situation. Your are not uncomfortable or worrying about anything man says or do because the Spirit is leading you. God has no enemies, so why would we be anything but bold, confident, or sure about the environment you are traveling into. (Just a thought) Please comment.

    • So are you saying that prejudices stem for an inward fear of what I deeply feels about myself?
      Let me explain my question by scenario. Alicia is a beautiful black female whom almost every one adores except me from an outward show yet inwardly I think the same as everyone else about Alicia; she is drop dead gorgeous. In comparing myself to Alicia I conclude for what ever reasons that I am not as equally beautiful so I force my self to hate Alicia to the point where hatred is no longer forced but roams freely. Therefore my hatred manifested from the fear of not being equal with Alicia by way of beauty?

  3. Yes, like the second administrator said being comfortable with self is a whole different category. People have thoughts on others skin color by past incidents that happened to their own color. All of us were so pushed towards if you song trust your own skin color your by yourself in this world. No matter the color we still sin the same way. Christ died for all of us not one color. But yet we forget the forgiveness God gives, so we don’t give the same forgiveness towards another’s skin color.

    • Gege I love what you’ve expressed. No matter the color we all sin the same way. So then it is not a skin problem that we deal with in this world it is a sin problem. Thanks for flipping the scripts