Too Much God

One of the questions I’ve been asked numerous times throughout my over thirty some odd years of walking with God is “Why do you talk about God all the time?” Both believers and none believers have inquired. One answer given at times to both is posed in the question of “Well…why don’t you talk about Him all the time or at all?”

Was this reply one of sarcasm? No. It was a reply to trigger awareness.

Following the ways and conversations of Christ through biblical studies I found that Jesus talked more about his Father than anybody. Why was this? Of course there is more than one reason however the main reason to which I want to draw our attentions  is LOVE.

In this earthy realm we talk about who and what we love. Think about it. When Billy meets Sally, after spending times with her he falls in love and the most of his conversation is Sally. I don’t care what you talk with Billy about somehow Sally is interjected.

Keisha meets Shamar. She falls in love. 99.9% of her conversation is Shamar or my boo which is a pet name that signifies that Shamar is someone special.

Do we as a people go into an uproar when these people express through conversations and actions what they have in their hearts for someone? Many to most of us will sit, listen, smile, verbally say or even think to ourselves, wow he or she really loves such and such. Do we with disgust, anger and even bitterness accuse them of having “too much Sally or Shamar?”

I’ve heard from time to time people say, “I’m not hanging out with hypothetical Sally any more because all she’s going to talk about is Billy or I’m cutting Shamar loose man cause all he’s gonna talk about is that Keisha. I’m tired of hearing about Keisha, Billy, Sally and Shamar.

What is the true underlying factor in self that causes people to withdraw from the persons constantly expressing love for the one who is so dear to them?

Talking this over with the one who is so dear to me; God, He shared some very thoughtful insights.

Self analysis always calls out to us when something has perturbed us or rubs us the wrong way, when something or someone gets under our skin, when there is an itch that scratching doesn’t appease.

There is a difference in having a love for and being in love with. Many to most of the time people who are sincerely in love with God will converse much about him. People who have a limited love for God will very easily engage in conversations that many time will not include God nor make mention of Him.

Too much God should not be taken as an insult but as encouragement to continue in the way that you are. The bible exhorts us as believers to have our minds and hearts stayed on the Lord. The bible exhorts us to think on the Lord’s goodness and to tell of His goodness where ever we go.. For even deeper insights follow our post entitled “A Strange Thing.”    Shalom