We are the garden of God. We are a peculiar people. We’ve been translated into the Kingdom of God’s dear son. In other words, we have been spiritually removed from the world’s darkness and placed into the marvelous light of the Lord Jesus. Though physically we remain in this world we are not or should not be participants in the darkness of the world that once separated us from God. Our lifestyles should have changed and continue to change as we walk with the Lord.

There are always indicators that reminds us that we are a different people. When engaging in conversations that are not pure and clean the Holy Spirit has a way of convicting and convincing us to talk differently or not to get involved at all. When we’ve said something wrong to someone; again He, the Holy Spirit convicts and convinces us of the offence.

The Holy Spirit is the expert husbandman of God’s garden. Many times, we think or act like the husbandman needs more help from us than He has asked us to give and many times in our helping Him we make some awful mistakes and errors that the husbandman has to help us to correct and not do again.

On August 12th, 1998, at 6:00 p.m. I was in fellowship with the Holy Spirit, and we were conversing about the heart of man. In that session the Holy Spirit said some things that fit perfectly with our topic. Let me share:

H.S.      “You are thinking on the heart. The word does say the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked who can know it. I know the heart of man and knows it even better than man himself. I constantly say to you this; that which is in the heart of man is what man will do. Many have taught that it is the mind that rules man and tells him what to do when in all actuality it is the heart that rules. You see…suggestions are made to the mind and if the heart doesn’t accept the suggestions, then the body will not react. Trust me when I say that the mind will only strongly suggest something that you have been subjected to or is still involved in and with.  If the mind suggests stealing and stealing is in the heart, then the Christian man will either steal or struggle with not stealing. Why the struggle? Because stealing hasn’t been uprooted, plucked up by the root therefore it is subject to grow.  Stealing still has life as long as it has root. Wherever there is a live root there is fruit. Suggestion is a power that reveals what is rooted in the heart and what has been uprooted. If in fact, there is an area of sin in your life that you struggle with know that this sin is rooted and any sin that you will easily do is rooted and must be plucked up.

Me:  Holy Spirit is everything rooted sin?

H.S.  ” Of course not. There are some things rooted that are not sin, yet they are not expedient and has its place and timing. Now many times if out of order it will cause havoc and bring on things that are sinful. Let me give you an example. When you humans use the word aggression or aggressive you immediately think “bad, violation, violent evil force.” Follow this; The passenger aggressively snatched the wheel and brought the plane to a safe landing. Was the aggressiveness or the act of aggression sin?  When aggression is exercised in the wrong place for the wrong reasons then aggression becomes sin.

Me:  “I see your point Holy Spirit.”

H.S.  “Things that doesn’t line up with the word of the Lord, the teachings for Christian behavior, these are they which are sin. Many believers feel that since they don’t lie, steal, kill, cheat, smoke, drink, or club hop; the physical sins, then they are okay. But anger becomes physical, hatred becomes physical, bitterness becomes physical, as does envy, lust, malice and a numerous list of other inward sins of the heart. The physical heart pumps blood but the spiritual heart where emotions are stored can pump some devastating things. Write your question.”

Me: “Thank you Holy Spirit. Where do you come in or fit in?”

H.S. “Great question. I am the Farmer of this harvest. I have to take care of the crop. Unfortunately, the crop has a mind of its own. Have you ever heard a collard or cabbage plant say to the farmer: “Oh I’m alright today? I don’t need you to water me?”