“The farmer already knows that there is no rain in the forecast for the week. He knows that without water the plants will wither, and die Have you ever seen either of the plants jump up to run to keep from being watered or run from the pesticides that are used to keep bugs and worms from eating and destroying it? Oh, if the garden of God were like the earthy garden of farmers my work wouldn’t be so timely.

There are worms, bugs, weeds, and some drought in God’s garden. These things are in the garden not because the Farmer isn’t doing His job, the crop itself is bringing these things into the garden. Some of the garden isn’t producing because the worms, bugs, foxes, rabbits and other creatures come into the garden and spoil the crop.

Some of the crop rejects the fertilizer and pesticides used to help them grow. Some of the crop intermingles and attaches itself voluntarily to weeds and rodents. Some of the crop deliberately avoid the rains and water. For this cause some of the garden of God doesn’t look like a garden that belongs to God but looks and acts like the field from which they were translated.”

Followers, Anthony couldn’t get himself together because he became more attached to things that choked him than to the things that would help him to grow. There was not a balance in all of his doings. There are simply some things that we shouldn’t become participants of because of the damage it will do to our spiritual lives. There are still yet other things we can become involved in however there should be a balance.

What we see and interact with plays a very important part in our lives.  The eye is the light of the body and both the heart and mind are the receptors that receive what we see and hear. What is sown in the garden will take root and grow contingent upon how we feed it.

A young believer once expressed a problem he was having with thinking on sex all of the time. Digging deeper into his life pattern we found that he spent a lot of time looking at porn.

Another believer expressed concern about excessive loneliness and her desire to have a mate. Her life pattern showed a quantity of time reading love novels.

Again, another believer expressed concern of being angry all the time and having thoughts of retaliation even in simple matters. His life pattern showed him watching like Anthony, movies filled with anger, drugs and murder.

We have to be mindful of the things we attach ourselves to. If our attachments are pulling us from the things of God that will keep us settled and at peace in our walk with God, then we should go back to reevaluate and then annihilate them. A seed will take root and grow as you feed it. The fruit of the seed isn’t always pretty.

The believer should set the pattern for his new life. He should give diligent time to reading the Word of God, to praying and worship, to spending quality time in the presence of God, to sweet communion with the Holy Spirit. Once the pattern for this new life is broken for any length of time your spirit man will react in the same way a hungry stomach does. There is discomfort. All kinds of alarms sound off. Don’t ignore the alarms. Ignoring the alarms can lead you to some dry places, some frustrating places and some very painful places.

When the husbandman draws you to the waters of the Word of God then willingly drink. When He prepares a festive table of prayer, worship and fellowship then willingly eat. When He leads you to a shower of fertilizers and pesticides then lavishly bathe. When He leads you to be groomed at the pruning salon then go.

The husbandman knows what the crop needs in order to fruitful and multiply. He knows what the crops needs to stay spiritually alert and safe.

Suggestive Reading: Galatians 5:16-26 & Ephesians 5:1-20