Knowing God II

Mistrust is a power that tears up lives. It affects everything about people. Lies destroys. Satan is the father, the birther and the breeder of lies.

No where in the character, the word or the history of God will you find lies. There is never a reason to not trust Him. Though His ways may seem strange and are even at times questionable, know that He is God and His ways work a perfect work. God always has the best interest of man at heart.

What does God have to gain? He is already, all knowing; omniscient, already all powerful; omnipotent, already everywhere present: omnipresent, already complete in Himself, already has no lack, He is already sovereign; can have what He wants, when He wants, how He wants and where He wants so….what would be His gain to lie to people.?

Everything that God does is for man. If God wanted to He could create people to serve Him mechanically, He could create still other worlds. God is not limited to man. In other words, His power didn’t cease with the making of man. Man was not and is not the ultimate limit of God. God is limitless and until mere man conceives this he may continually be deceived.

God has no need or desire to trick people. What would be His gain. Everything that God does is for man. Satan tricked man, deceived man, stole from man, and abused man.

With not fully knowing God and the enemy man is being destroyed and points an accusing finger at God