Inequality (Finding Peace and Clarity in War) Continued


The storehouse is a business and it should be managed as one with the mindset of the leaders to start helping the community that provide tithes, offering, and donations. Pastor, Minister, or Apostle should not be in the management of the storehouse. They should be in the advisement or help with the directing, but not management, because management of funding sometimes leads to Greed. (King James Bible, 1 John 2:15-16). This is why the Storehouse should stand apart from the Pastors, Ministers, or Apostle in the organization.

The Pastor, Minister, or Apostle is for the people and not the storehouse. You lead your people by getting to know them personally and not financially. They should know their congregation financial situations if they need help from the storehouse, but asking their congregation to give should not happen. Giving should come from the person’s heart and not from their leader’s mouth. To give is a blessing from God and everyone should be a cheerful giver, but that giving should benefit the many and not the few. If your Pastor, Minister, or Apostle works solely for the people then he is authorized a salary, but with reasonable terms. Greed is when the people that receive wealth from the storehouse use it to glamorize their lives and not the lives of the Lord’s people.


To become a True Leader in the LORDS House requires the process of being “called”, not by phone, not by filling out forms on the internet, definitely not by family members making the decision, just because your father or a member of your family was called does not mean you were, not by making the decision yourself without spiritual guidance and any other means. There is only one way the LORD wants you to lead his people; he puts it inside of you and you grow into it as you go through life learning and understanding his word. Reading the Bible every day, saying passages and or knowing scriptures does not make you worthy of the title of Pastor, Minister, or Apostle. There is a “calling” that very few of us have and very few understand its meaning. Leaders persuade you to believe they are the all mighty, but understand this; to live in Glory of the world does not qualify you to live in Glory with the LORD. There is order in GODS kingdom and we have to make sure that we live by the guidelines given to us by our Savior. Thinking of yourself as a Leader does not qualify you to become one. If you decide to lead GODS people you are held accountable above his people. So, if you make the decision to become that leader without the “Calling”, there is a bigger price to pay, because you are leading his people into damnation. Sometimes people follow blindly because they want to believe in something without thinking or understanding why, so True Leaders have to be their guide. The True Leader has to be GOD fearing, rational, just, loving, truthful, understanding, etc., along with common sense because it brings all of this together.  A leader has to stand on his own two feet, in other words; the decision made cannot falter, because of pressure from others. Being political does not qualify, because you have to play both side of the field. It is GOD’s way or no way. Most Leaders fall into this category, because their leadership is based on the premise of what a person can provide or do for them. If you live by GODS words you do not need the minority, because the majority is who you are trying to save.


And in the first day there shall be an holy convocation, and in the seventh day there shall be an holy convocation to you; no manner of work shall be done in them, save that which every man must eat, that only may be done of you. (Exodus 12:16)

Convocation (Merriam-Webster dictionary): large formal meeting of people (such as church officials); the act of calling a group of people to a formal meeting; a meeting of the members of a college or university to observe a particular ceremony (such as the beginning of the school year or the announcing of awards and honors)

Most church organizations recognize Sunday as the first day of the week for convocation. The first day of the week is the day leaders gather or special events are held for ceremonial purposes. So what is this day to normal everyday people that want to learn about life and to better themselves through teaching and learning from the good book, The Holy Bible? The Holy Bible is stories, guidelines, rules and teachings that guide you through life to become older and wiser. But wait, how do we become wiser or better ourselves if we are not learning about life, because that is what the Bible is teaching us. The first day should be a day of learning, but with HOLY values. Why can’t we learn about how to transform our lives from a community of struggling individuals to a community of thriving GOD fearing loving people? What is wrong with teaching what we need as a community to grow on Sunday such as loving your children; greeting your neighbor; home loans; managing money; mortgages; savings; bank transactions; talking to businesses in the community about jobs; inviting businesses so you will know what is in your community and who to talk to; family gathering outside the walls of the church; loving thy neighbor as thou self; visiting neighbors in your community; learning about one another so there will be no individuals, but a community; cookouts; helping with community projects; supporting kids with things in the community; school teachers talking to the organization about grades, child learning, and behavior; job values; teaching parents about child registration, and the list goes on? What is wrong with the church being the foundation that supports the people that support it? We owe it to ourselves to give back to the Savior that saved us, helping one another to better ourselves through Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Obligation versus giving from the heart should not exist inside the walls of each and every church or organization. The pressure exists when you walk in the door of the church or building where service is rendered and there are so many members giving, persuading you to ignore the thought of giving from the heart and make you give because of embarrassment or entitlement. The average person feel obligated or pressured to give more than they can afford or more than they would base on the income they receive. Giving from the heart and the joy of giving is what the Lord expects. The church can take away the pressure of giving before you attend service by establishing a drop box for members leaving work or on Saturday or Sunday before or after service; this will allow people to give whole heartedly other than by obligation. Leaders should also encourage members to mail in tithes, offering, or donations, so they can discuss and pray over their seeds as a family. Leaders should encourage family giving, so it will teach or show their sibling the values of giving from the heart and not the obligation that comes with offerings sown today. Leaders have a duty to make sure their church or organization follow the structure of what the Lord has instructed us to do. We have to change the way we think and start using the other sense the Lord has given us;

Common Sense. We have to change the world by doing what is right and getting back to the His word. The Lord always blesses a cheerful giver and that is what you want to instill in today church or congregation, Gods people.

Thanks for listening.