Inequality ( Finding Peace and Clarity in War)

Separation of Church and State is it really a separation or does the term means the same. Principals, values, integrity, and the pursuit of happiness is what we call the American Dream. But wait who’s dream are we pursuing yours, mine, or what we call the hidden agenda. Politicians and the wealthy do not control the greatest distribution of wealth. The greatest distribution of wealth is controlled by the personnel (teachers (leaders)) that give you hope for a brighter tomorrow, if we believe what they tell us and not the word of the SAVIOR that created us.  If the words your leaders are using belong to our LORD JESUS CHRIST, how can you be charged for his knowledge and guidance? Some leaders are using your lack of knowledge as a tool for their hidden agenda. This does not apply to all, but most. Why?

A great person in my life told me a preacher (leader) was wondering why so many Senior Citizens stop attending “Church”, or what we suppose to call it in Biblical Terms “The Store House (Tabernacle)” (A place where you take tithes, offerings, goods, or time in which a tenth was given for the up keep of the Tabernacle (Malachi 3:10 Story Written New International Version)( Numbers 18:27-32). This guide line is conveyed, practiced, and preached to all members as a standard, but “Who’s guide line and should this apply to all or need to”)? I know many of you may disagree, but before you do; please continue to read, understand, and try to keep an open mind until you finish.

This great person asks a few senior citizens about what the preacher had asked and the response took me by surprise. The answer most given was they could not afford it.  “WOW”, you talk about a ton of bricks falling on your head. Why are we asking senior citizens to pay tithes and offering to the church, storehouse, etc.? When senior citizens have sown seed into the storehouse for many years, why do we allow them to feel guilty about the ability to keep sowing?

As a planter or farmer you expect your seed to produce fruit after you have sown. When does a senior citizens sowing of seed blossom? So what time or day do we ask seniors to stop giving and start receiving? The answer should be, when they are not able to or their life needs cannot support it. The difference between surviving and giving should not be a factor in GOD’s house. Senior citizens or any citizen should not feel guilty about not being able to give.

Change of wealth in your community starts here:

Every Sunday you attend church and pay your tithes, dues, and of course the offering that each organization (business) collect to maintain the Church (Store House). Let’s look at this for a moment and understand what is happening in today’s society. The problem with believing in man and not the HOLY SPIRIT is that, the people that need help the most are not benefiting from this transfer of wealth.

On an average a family pays 20 dollars a week to the church or organization they believe in 4 times a month equaling 80.00 dollars a month depending on the number of weeks in that month. There are 52 weeks in a year and each family pays 1040.00 dollars a year based on the 20.00 dollars a week given.

Building funds, offering for whatever or whomever these leaders ask you to pay to help over the course of the year is also added to this cost. By the end of the year each household has given between 1000.00 to 5000.00 dollars to the organization (Church) for some reason or another.

Let’s say this organization has 500 members in a small community based on an average size congregation in America. 500 members’ times 80.00 dollars a month equal 40,000.00 dollars a month. 12 months in a year equals 480,000.00 dollars a year without the additional offerings ask for by the leaders of the organization.

75,000.00 per year should cover building cost (one-time payment) or rental, taxes, employees cost (average 10 hours a week), electricity, water and most of the other expenses occurred in a 500 member congregation. There is a lot of money missing. (405,000.00 Yearly tax free)

When can I start my organization (Church) and have the people believing in me and not GOD, the spirit that gives us life and the ability to do better for ourselves and others.

How to Live:

Now, if you are on a fixed or limited income and every penny counts, common sense tells you that what you are doing is wrong. I am not your Savior, but your beliefs are keeping you poor and not helping you to progress. In a Biblical Society there will be rich and there will be poor, but why is the organization you believe in controlling that. As a believer of Faith I cannot take from my neighbor and not give anything in return (money, time, or help, depending on what is needed). Our missions in life as a believer of faith is to love, give, and help one another as needed. If your organization (church) cannot provide you with the details of what your contribution are helping, you may need to reassess your values. A leader’s job is to take criticism, answer questions, and provide proof of these situations as they arise without confrontation. If you leaders have problems with you asking questions you may want to re-assess their title, because he or she is not worthy.

The Bible was written years ago and there are stories and saying that guide our lives and to help others. Your leaders should guide you in a way that will help you to help yourself and show you how to love thy neighbor as thou self. You are not responsible for donations and support of your leaders (teachers), because as a leader you do not lead by taking from and using the people that follow you. Your leader has a responsibility to himself and his family by making his own money and giving to the storehouse (church) as his followers do. The wealth of the storehouse is for the people in the community. If there is a person in the community needing help no matter what it is, there should be an avenue through the storehouse to help.


Why do the leaders (teachers) of the church make pilgrimages or trips to other countries (Africa, Asia, Mexico, etc.) to save souls? Is the community that you live in not good enough to be saved? There are members donating to their organizations and sometimes find them-selves homeless or without solutions to their problems and their organization will not offer support or help, because helping is not what they are designed to do. Why? Greed!!!!! 15: Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. (King James Bible, 1 John 2:15-16). This is the answer to all of the organizations that are prospering and their members are struggling.

I do not take this saying lightly because it is a mockery of what the LORD has put in place for his ORDER. But to be truthful preaching has become a tool to take your belief in GOD and make wealth for the leaders (teachers) that do not. Please reassess your thought and your money because you are giving it away. Please remember this does not apply to all but a majority.

Think about this for a moment. If you have been going to church for years, just pick a number (5 or 10) and you read the Bible on and off throughout the week. Please tell me a story or verse that does not sound like a duplication of what you have heard since you have been attending service. Sad thing about it is, you say every time you hear it that was a good sermon and give more money. Why? Please stop paying for the same thing and getting the same result.

To be continued: