John 14:1-4; (1) Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. (2) In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you (3) And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. (4) And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.

From Old Testament times til the present prophecies have gone forth with some already fulfilled, some; being fulfilled and yet others waiting for fulfillment. What are you doing with the prophecies? Prophecy is meant to impact your lives and that impact should impact those around you.

Believing the prophecy of a coming Messiah; the patriarchs of old received with joy and lived their lives looking, watching, hoping, trusting in the fulfillment of those prophecies in their lifetime; Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, etc. those through whom the prophecies came. The Patriarchs went to their graves looking to and for the fulfillment of the prophecies. They prepared themselves for the prophecies. What are you doing with the prophecies?

Again, prophecies are to impact your lives, keep you alert, yes prophecies inform yet the information isn’t to be received and just lay dormant. The information itself is supposed to Excite and Incite. Prophecy should, settle you, make you more God minded and life conscience. Prophecy should bring you to a state of readiness. What are you doing with the prophecies?

“World event is the biggest and loudest Preacher Right now”

World Event should be saying to the believer “prophecy” and “promise.” And in saying this; the believer should be gearing up.!

Gearing up Lord??

Yes, Joyce Gearing up! You should be excited. in a state of readiness, seeking every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ and sounding the alarm to a lost and dying people.  Even without a bible and bible knowledge world events is crying to the hearts of many. World events are pleading with people to open their eyes to see and their ears to hear the powerful sermons of warnings it is preaching. Events are saying, “Strange things are happening that is leading up to something bigger and drastically worse. Take a seat and listen to me.”

And being that world events are crying to the believer prophecy and promise then the believers should be revived to give revival to the hearts of the failing, the faint hearted and the lost. In other words, “yall oughts to be on your grind”.! (HA)

Let’s talk about John14: 1-4 Joyce

Now as you have gained in knowledge John 14: 1-4 has a cultural backing that changes the whole course of how you’ve viewed this passage. Let’s record the knowledge gained.

Espoused (Engagement)

*Part of the Jewish Wedding Tradition is for the couple to be engaged up to twenty-four months before the actual wedding day.

*The Father of the bride is chosen by the father for the son, the son (groom) writes out a marriage covenant and delivers his intentional covenant to the bride to be and her father. He also presents the father with a gift which symbolizes compensation for the cost of raising his bride and basically keeping her for him.

* Once the bride to be accepts the covenant of the groom, the groom gives the bride a cup of wine which represents a blood covenant. Drinking the wine means acceptance of the covenant and the beginning of the engagement period.

* What the woman does in the months of engagement is make herself ready and guards her purity for her groom. She would even wear a veil in public signifying that she was spoken for, she was bought with a price. “Someone else owns me” “I belong to another”. “You can’t touch this”.

* The engagement was legally binding

* The extended engagement was for the purpose of

  1. a) To be allowed time for wedding preparations
  2. b) To provide sufficient opportunity to demonstrate that the woman was not pregnant (no sexual promiscuity)

* If she was pregnant, the man could break the engagement through a letter of divorce.

*During the engagement, the groom returned to his father house and would spend months preparing a place for him and his bride to live following the wedding.

* The woman’s hopes for her wedding day rested solely on the man’s promise to come and claim her at an appointed time. Notice the word an. Not but an. The groom hasn’t given a day or a date. All he has said is “I’m coming to get you!” So, in all actuality the woman doesn’t know her wedding date. All she knows is that there is going to be a wedding and a promise, a covenant and a drink of wine is all that she has to hold on to. (Jeff Kinley: Wake the Bride)

Now notice in this cultural setting there is no mention of the groom and the bride coming together every day, hanging out together every day, calling one another 2, 3, 4 times a day. The cultural setting does not indicate that the couple gets their good night love talk on before they rest at night.

The bride to be may not even set eyes on her groom anymore until the day he decides to come to get her. Does she faint because a week went by and he hasn’t come or a month or two has expired and there is no word. Does she let go because her friends say, “oh girl I thought you were getting married. It has been over a year now and what?”

*Does she let go when some big bald bubba says, “yo girl that man lied and played games with your heart.  He aint been around, don’t look like he’s coming around; guess he’s done got someone else. You aint gots to be alone girl I am here!!

What are you doing with the prophecies and the promises?

It has been foretold that there is to be a Second and really third appearance of Jesus. The 2nd appearance is for the bride and the 3rd appearance is for the world as a whole. In his second appearance only the ready bride will see him. Only the waiting bride will see him. What are you doing with the promise and the prophecy?

The bride must always stay ready because she doesn’t know the day or the hour that the groom is coming.

*After all is prepared by the groom back at the father’s house the father does an inspection and sees that all is completed. He says to the son, “Boy now that all is completed and what a fine job of completion you have done, go on tomorrow and get your bride.” With the wedding day having been chosen by the father; the groom then shows up at the bride’s house the next day shouting and sounding the Shofar (horn). The groom then snatches his bride up, taking her to his father’s house where they consummate the marriage, and the wedding guest parties for seven days.

It has been decades and centuries since the prophecy and the promise. The bride (the church, professing saints) has become faint hearted, doubtful and has many of them stopped making preparation. The excitement has dissipated, and the bride’s eyes are wondering. Her ears are hearing big bald bubba. Her guard is down, and her heart is turning to stone in reference to the groom. The bride has become pregnant during her espousal.  There is sexual promiscuity, there is spiritual promiscuity. She has drunk the wine of other lovers and has received their covenants while still in a binding contract with the groom.

When the groom gave the bride the covenant and the wine, he was saying to her, Girl count on me, you have my word on this, I don’t care how long the wait, how late the hour, how cold the days, or how warm the nights, I’m coming.

Jesus has given you a covenant and wine (which is the Spirit). The wine He has given is not like the earthly and natural wine that gives a temporary buzz and fix. The wine he has given sustains as you continuously drink. The wine keeps you always in the promise of the Groom. It keeps your heart opened, your ears listening and your eyes seeking.

What are you doing with the Promise?

Flip the Script Admin.