My Bride

09/21/2017              And the Word of the Lord came unto me saying:

“My Bride:

When my father chose you for me, I looked at you and saw that you had been ravaged by sin. Your heart was darkened, your skin wasn’t fair, and your hands were covered with sin. Your mind was darkened with thoughts of sin and your ability to love in purity was none. I said to my Father because you know what is best and have a love for this woman, I will receive her and clean her up and present to you a daughter like no other.

I came to you with my intent, and gave to you, my covenant. You read it and accepted my proposal. Through your acceptance you agreed to turn from who you once were and allowed me to make your slate clean. I washed you in the blood of that covenant and made you whiter than snow. I gave you my wine to drink which is my Spirit and our espousal was sealed. We became legally bound. I’ve never had any thought or intention of breaking our bond.

When I espoused you my bride you were as chaste a virgin as ever there’d be. And you promised me your purity and said you’d wait for me. In my covenant I explained that it would be a while before we consummated, and you said that what was most important was the love I have for thee.  You promised that no matter the length of days nor how cold or warm the nights you’d always keep yourself for me and do the things that’s right.

I’ve shown you so many times that I’ve not forgotten you; my intentions are still the same. I’ve shown this by my Spirit and Word and the special things that I ask the Spirit to do for you.

Though we are not face to face as I so long to be, the timing isn’t yet and I’m still at work preparing for you and me; a place where we’ll be together; always face to face where nothing will separate us and nothing will ever waste.

Though we are not face to face, you are ever before my eyes. I see you and hear you and grow all warm inside. But somehow you don’t feel the same; somewhere you’ve lost the flame. Somewhere you’ve turned to stone, you don’t even flinch when I call out your name.

I’ve asked my Spirit to summon you to places of silence where I can just talk to your spirit gently, your mind and your heart. I’ve asked my Spirit to unction you to come in spirit to pray. Because we are not face to face; we can commune this way. I’ve asked my Spirit to draw you to the reading of things of me; to keep your spirit lifted and to bring expectancy to your day. But you turn to my Spirit deaf ears and run away to play with things and people of interest and leave me just standing here.

I enter your houses of worship hoping you’d see me there though I’m seldom mentioned. I have hopes that the place itself would trigger the memory of the day of our espousal and cause you to run to me with outstretched arms and a full heart running over with love. But after all is said and done you leave and go your way with no thought of me nor the memory of our special espousal day.

I’ll ask you a series of questions and I ask you to search yourself before you speak. Did you really want me, or did you just lie to me?

Do you not believe my promise of love and redemption is ever true or do you think I’m a man of flesh and that I’m just playing you?

Do you honestly believe that I shed covenant blood that made you white as snow just to set you on a pinnacle simply for show?

Do you think I’m never coming to claim you as my own and whisk you away to my Father’s house where we will be forever at home?

Oh my bride; don’t be deceived by the lies the world does speak of me; saying that I am a liar, unfair and untrue. Receiving the lies of the world has caused you to turn away from me. I beg of you with a wrenching heart to turn away from the world’s deceit which is only a snare, a trap set to keep you away from me.

Please remember that I cleansed you from the world’s sins that wouldn’t allow you to genuinely love. The truth of this you can see from your return to the former things and the distance between you and me.  The deceit of the world will not allow you to commune with me in spirit, to meditate on me in spirit, to read my covenant and receive of its riches in your spirit.

But I do commune you say, and I do pray you say, and I do hear your covenant on Sundays you say. And I say if you do these things in spirit then there would be no need for this letter to you. There would be no call to remembrance from me. There would be no pleading from me for more fellowship.

Disobedience to the call of prayer, to the call of study, to the call to meditate, labels you as the world that walks in disobedience. Come away from the things that are distracting you and tiring you out to where you neglect to love me, where you neglect to seek me, where you become negligent in whole heartedly wanting me.

Though you know not the minute nor the hour my beloved know that I will come. Will I find you waiting for me? Will I find you looking for me? Will I find you prepared to receive me? Will I find your heart overflowing with love for me?


The Bridegroom