The Spirit Line

Many Christians say they are lost with the church (building) being closed. Going through trials and tribulation is the test for us to find out who we are in Christ. Now that the trials have begun, why are you lost without the building. God is always near, and He never stop searching and reaching out through His Spirit (the Spirit Line).

Every Sunday people would answer the call of the building but delete the call of the Comforter (Holy Spirit). The Spirit Line is always calling and waiting for someone to pick it up and communicate with Him. The problem is people do not recognize the number, so they delete the call, saying they are receiving robotic calls. I must let you know that people are answering the wrong number. The Spirit Line is always free to answer as well as to carry on a long and lasting conversation and relationship. This line does not require payment and It has answers to all your questions.

Man has been trained to listen to one number when God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit is concerned. This number has the building written all over it. The church number should be an introduction to the Trinity not a lifetime phone conversation. The church building number is not your salvation, and it cannot save you. Your salvation rest in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ only. Everything people know about Christ comes from the building and they call it salvation. This introduction to the building should be the tool used to answer questions when introducing Christ and how we should walk with Him.

  • Who is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?
  • What is the Trinity?
  • What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?
  • What does it mean to Walk in the Spirit?
  • Does my works justify my walk in Christ?
  • What is my purpose, and so on?
  • Who is the Comforter?

Every Christian I encounter introduces me to the building and they do not understand who Jesus Christ is or the Trinity and how the Three become One. Knowing the Father requires you to have a relationship with Him, not a relationship with the building to get to Him.

These times lets us know when Jesus Christ was leaving this Earth and said “it is expedient that I must leave so the Comforter can come” was not just words, but for our purpose and salvation in Him. This time requires you to rest in Him, not to go looking for a new line to get to the church to find Him. The Spirit Line is always open, never a wrong number, you cannot shut it down, and nothing on this earth can interfere with the reception. The only reason the Spirit line is not answered is the person does not have the ears to hear or the relationship to distinguish between the Spirit and Satan. Choose the line that will give you peace here and eternity. Just a thought.