It Is Time

We have come to a crossroad in our thoughts where we need to question the leaders or people in charge based on Godly principles and Godly understandings of biblical knowledge, not the knowledge of our independent thoughts or personal thinking. Rushing to get to church hoping our pastor or deacon has knowledge of God’s purpose and not his/her individual thinking, as well. The writing is on the wall and the answer of truth is staring us in the face. “What God allows; He will not save us once we make a decision without Him”.

During a recent discussion about 2020 and the political destruction of what we use to call America, we discussed “people thinking” about wanting things to go back to what America was. Now, think about this truth, is where we were the reason we are here (truth). Our past actions have changed our future, but we want to go back to a place where the sins of man have brought about the destruction of man. We want to relive the destructive nature that brought us here.

The decisions of man “our choices”, not the wisdom of God has taken us into a place like Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis: Chapter 18-19). Can we find fifty sons of God that has a heart for the Father. The numbers are dwindling, and our fate is being sealed.

The Christian says I can go back to church because God will protect me. Let us look at this. How many Christians have passed since the virus, I will wait on the count? The numbers are increasing daily. What the Lord allows, He will not protect you from when your thoughts and understanding are based on your decisions, not His guidance as I mentioned before.

As a believer I do have turmoil in my heart about our current situation. Yes, I want the world to become better, but the word of God says “the world has to become worse so  Jesus will return to take His church home (the people, not the walls of the building people so graciously think and want to go back too)”.

When have our faith truly been tested? When have we ever had to make a decision between loving God or following in the step of the fallen one, Satan? We walk around calling ourselves Christian, but we hate our brother, we call each other out of their names, we steal from one another, kill one another, follow the advice of mindless people, destroy one another as if it is the greatest thing in the world, and most of all follow the advice of our leaders without questioning the truth of the directive before we react. To me, a puppet does what the leader ask without thinking or asking for understanding.

The truth about our situation is sin. We follow what we agree with. People need to stop calling themselves Christian as they follow the teaching of the unsaved.

King James Version Psalms 1 (God’s Word Translation)


Blessed is the person who does not follow the advice of wicked people, take the path of sinners, or join the company of mockers. Rather, he delights in the teachings of the Lord and reflects on his teaching’s day and night. He is like a tree planted beside streams— a tree that produces fruit in season and whose leaves do not wither. He succeeds in everything he does. …


The bible speaks of false prophets constantly throughout the scriptures. We walk daily in our own thoughts and understanding, hoping, and not knowing our destination. The reason we are so unsure of our walk and destination (Heaven or Hell) is because we do not know the Father and our walk with Him does not reflect His teachings.


The world is so full of God’s children succumbing to the instructions and thoughts of the fallen one, not because he is all powerful in which he is not. The reason being is that we truly do not know the Father. God and Satan cannot and will not stand in the same place, so “WHY ARE WE SO DESTRUCTIVE”. We fall in depression, commit suicide, have tremendous amounts of anxiety, worry about things we do not control hoping things will get better, and most of all walk in unforgiveness. Satan wants us to think that our life is a walking disaster and things are never going to get better and we should walk in fear daily. He is right when your eyes stay on this world and the destructive nature of the people that govern it. God said keep your eyes on Him, because all things here are temporary and this season of eternity will pass.


Even if you do not believe, it does not excuse man from the consequences of our actions. The privileged America walks in a constant bubble as if they will live forever in the flesh and consequences are for the poor and underprivileged. This world will be destroyed just like it was thousands of years ago as the days of Noah. Your money, position, title, or friends cannot save you from Satan’s raft. Satan want every man, woman, and child to serve him, to show God the destructive nature of His creation, man. Satan fate has been sealed and his purpose is to turn as many souls against God as possible, so he does not have to go to the lake of fire alone. His eternal destination cannot change, so he deceives man in thinking that there is a better life at the end of this road called earth with him.


Free will was designed to give man choice between good and evil (God or Satin). Now that man has experienced evil, he walks in it as if that is the sole purpose of life. Satin has put his evil forces on full alert, destruction without purpose. Man has begun to destroy lives as if we were put in the world for the individual and not for each other. Everything we do says separation. Nothing says help my fellow man. The generation of self has come full circle and the love of self outweighs the love of one another. Our policies and rules are designed to help the individuals and not the many. The laws were supposed to be designed for humanity and not an individual human or a certain class of humans.

Deep inside ourselves there is a pathway to God we ignore daily. God sent His Spirit here, so there will be no excuse when we stand before Him. Our lives are so busy and distracted by the things of the world that we cannot hear. God loves everyone, but our love for sin outweighs our love for Him.


The Lord allowance of the 2020 pandemic took the “world” away from man temporarily. The purpose behind this was take away the distractions so man could restore his ability to hear God. Man loves for this world focused on getting back to the daily lives and misguided pleasures Satan has put before man to keep him preoccupied with a world without God.


My question to you is “how would you feel if the one you love turns their back on you after you have given so much love and care for them?  Furious is a mild way of showing how you truly feel. So, what do you think God is feeling as we go about destroying the lives of men, women, and children we claim or say we love daily? Our love is based on conditions, so love is not what we walk in. Self explains the nature of our love, our commitment, and our dedication to other individuals. We conduct our lives as if there is only us and the rest of the world should fall in line with our beliefs and understandings.


Analyzation of one’s life is required to understand our commitment and understanding when we call ourselves Christians. The bible says, “know thyself”. Do we truly know what that means? To know thyself requires you to know truth (God) and to base your life on truth, not our personal thoughts and understandings. Knowing what is in your heart should scare you to death without God. When sin occupy the heart, destruction has no limitations. If you will lie you will cheat, if you steal you will kill, if you commit adultery you will deceive to hide it, if you say in your mind false profit you love God you will walk in racism and say I am saved, if you walk in pride the world will be divided based on you hate for the world, and your extreme love of self. If these categories describe you, self-analyzation has or is not part of your daily life. Knowing thy-self.


The bible was not inspired and written for God. It is a tool given to man by God for a glimpse of our history to know our lineage and to let man know that evolution cannot explain His creation. The greatest knowledge of the bible is to give man knowledge of the Trinity (God the Father; Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit), Him.  For, man it is our purpose and instructions on how to live and conduct ourselves while occupying this world. The bible was not or is not designed for us to pick and choose what verse or chapter we want to live today and throw out tomorrow. Straddling the fence, in other words trying to serve two masters still makes you a sinner and that walk does not reflect Christ-Like.