Judgement: God’s Call of Love

We bring greetings our fellow believers in the precious and powerful name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We sincerely pray that you are found in the fullness of His joy, abounding richly in His Grace and steadfast in your walk with the Holy Spirit who has increased greatly His ministry of convincing, convicting, and drawing people to Christ.
There is much to be written therefore, the contents of the topic will be published in parts.

The Holy Spirit has been pressing me to take the time to write the things that He has shared and spoken over the last couple of months. The press has brought me to this point and here we are.

The world has undergone some drastic changes over the last couple of months; changes that has left some fearful, others confused, and some not caring one way or the other. I’ve been asked several times over the last few months the question of ” What is going on?” My stunting answer is God. Like many to most the answer may be a bit perplexing, yet we ask you to bear with us for just a little bit and all will become clear.
The world has labeled the current event with the corona virus a pandemic. God chose to call the current event “The awakening”. Of course, I found God’s label interesting and as HE began to explain why He labeled the current event as such; the insight brought me to a repentant state, and I found myself apologizing more than once or twice. This is what the Holy Spirit relayed from the throne room:

                                                AND THE GOD OF HEAVEN SAYS:
“Whether the plague or virus was poured from a vial in heaven to the earth or poured from an earthly vial in the earth is neither here nor there. What is important right now is purpose. Surely man will say that he cannot see any purpose of the God of heaven, in so many people dying worldwide. Heretics and unbelievers say the very same thing when hearing about the destruction of the world by a flood, with only eight people being saved. Even then there was purpose. Those of them who knows Me, knows that, unlike man, I have a purpose in all things whether what is ordered or allowed is evil or good. Because man can never fill my shoes and operate in the earth in the same capacity as that of the TRUE And LIVING God, his understanding of what takes place in the earth and what things befalls the earth is but shallow. Without a walk with me, man becomes more chaotic in the mist of events such as in the world’s current event.
One of the reasons for the current events being labeled “The Awakening” is because it is a time of revealing and the revelations are non-stop and covers wide ranges throughout the entire world. To this I add, “He that has an ear to hear, let him hear what is spoken by the Spirit of the Most High God. The revelations are both personal and worldwide. Whatever decisions are made in these revealing, will determine man’s outcome in the midst of oncoming, and I do repeat oncoming events.
One of the greatest revealing in the current event is the revelation of “Man is not in control”. He really has never been. Perhaps the awakening has opened his eyes to see this. This season in the awakening is speaking the message of; ” What is happening now is far beyond the control of humanity. It will take someone greater than man to take the reins“.

The question of “Where is God?” has ranged out all over the globe reaching my ears with urgency. The question has been posed not because of a want and need to connect and commune with the Creator but posed with an urgent command of “God stop what is going on.” With man it is still about self. It is still about his wants, his comforts, his pleasures and expectations. Man walks in entitlement. His attitude utters in great volumes statements of; “God, you serve us and not us you. We lead and you follow!” It has been the leading of man that has brought the world to its present state.

The world has walked in its own way with those ways proclaiming with every step; “There is no God. We are our own God. We make the rules. We change the laws. We abolish statutes and ordinances established and implemented before and at the foundation of the World. We implement our way and do that which seems right in our own eyes.

There are several events in bible history that the world can be compared to. The first instance that I want to discuss is the time that led up to the flood. As the earth populated, so increased sin. The wickedness of man’s heart was great. Every evil that he could think of and even imagine is what he did. I became regretful that I had even made man and was grieved to the very core of my being. Unfortunately, humans fail to see or acknowledge that I hurt too. “Oh shoot…. He’s God. He’ll be A’ ite” so their actions and thought say.

” So again, I was grieved and quite sorrowful that I had made man. I made a decision to destroy man, I had to. And that decision grieved me all the more. I don’t take delight in the death of the wicked and neither could I allow the wicked to continue to reign. With the way the world was going at this time in history it would have continued to produce nothing but wickedness. No flesh would have been safe or saved. ( Ezekiel 33:11 “Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways!)

Warnings always come before destruction. And Noah was the sounding alarm of impending destruction. In fact, he for 120 years your time, sounded the alarm. He had become a great thorn in the sides and the eyes of the people. For those of you who truly walk with me and know me, you have observed that I will never give a warning of such magnitude and not still be gracious enough to allow time for a change of heart and mind. Not only do I allow grace to repent, I also will coax. Yet through my coaxing the decision to make the right choice remains in the hands of the individual.

Now because you were not there, I will give you inside information. There was in fact several who had begun to rethink their way of life. Some began to rationalize. Some thought to themselves…”this Noah is either a lunatic, a liar, or there is actual truth in what he is saying. Who in their right mind would build an enormous boat of such magnitude on dry ground far away from the river? What if he is right? What if water is going to come from the clouds? It has never happened before, but it could happen, couldn’t it? Consciences where pricked, minds were spoken to, and hearts were tugged at. What happened to the slightly concerned is this? The parable of Jesus referencing the seed sower. The warning fell on soil that was quickly snatched away or on shallow soil with underlying rock which took some root but was destroyed, because of acquaintances and their own underlying issues or the warnings fell among thorns that choked the effects of the warning out of the person who had given second thoughts. The world at this time is in the same state as it was before the flood. He that has an ear to hear……….