KNOWING the SEASON III (Divine Darkness)

Conversing with a believer today who chose not to publicize his concerns led me to post this piece from my journal of a conversation God and I shared on 4-8-99.

Perhaps there are some of you followers who are experiencing as well what the believer himself is experiencing. Prayerfully this post with assist in your understanding of this season.

Divine Darkness

Divine darkness is a season where it appears that there is no God; where it seems that heaven has closed all its doors to the believer; where there is no word from Me; where there is no sense of My presence; where it seems as if I have packed My bags and has gone vacationing leaving behind a note that reads; Gone for an undetermined amount of time, see ya when I see ya. P.S. Don’t bother to look for Me because I’m vacationing in Out of Reach City and am staying in the Destiny Unknown Hotel.

Divine darkness is a supernatural dark season ordained by Me; a  season that is placed on a time table in the lives of every authentic believer. It is a season that can not be avoided. There is no way around it. Just as man is unable to stop the natural seasons in the earth so it is with the season of divine darkness. It is unstoppable. Where as the natural seasons has its indicators that gives warning of its impending arrival divine darkness has no indicators, it gives no warning. The believer never knows the minute nor the hour that this darkness will encompass him. However be assured that this darkness will surround the believer at a time when he or she has had a high time with Me; when he or she has received the greatest of promises from Me, when the believer has stepped into the revelation of revelations. Because the above named experiences are more than a one time experience in and with Me for believers it is impossible for them to detect an oncoming season of divine darkness therefore this darkness overtakes him or her by surprise.

To many the ordination of a dark season seems cruel and unfair of such a loving God yet know, and I will say it continuously My ways are higher than the ways of man and everything that I do and or allow is for a divine purpose.

Often times believers want sunshine all the time however in My making of night and day I had more in mind that just man’s rest. Nothing can live in unbroken sunshine. Wherever there is just sunshine and never night, rain, or dew there you will find a complete desert.

Divine darkness is much different than any test or trial that a believer faces. Many of those from earlier biblical times whom believers considered to be the greatest among men have experienced this divine darkness on more than one occasion. David experienced it, Jeremiah, Elijah just to name a few. Jesus himself experienced this darkness.

Divine darkness goes deeper than the darkness that’s felt when a bill is pressing and the believer has no funds and sees no way to get it paid. It is deeper than the darkness felt when a material thing has been lost, damaged or stolen. It is deeper than the darkness felt over the departure of a loved one. It is deeper than the darkness felt over a life threatening disease. Divine darkness goes deeper than the darkest of night.

During the season of darkness where it seems to the believer that he or she has been left Godless, fatherless, abandoned, cast down and forsaken the believer is met with the greatest challenge of his or her whole walk; the challenge of meeting themselves in the dark. They meet the person who has for years, months and even days confessed eternal salvation in an eternal God who never leaves nor forsakes His people.

Days prior to this darkness the believer and I had shared one of the most awesomeness experiences together that he or she had never had. Days prior to this darkness I had spoken some profound things and made some great promises to the believer. Days prior I’d revealed Myself to the believer in a breathtaking way but now there is not a peep from Me. The believer has called out to Me and has received no response. The believer has gotten on his knees, moaned, wept and there is not even a tinkle of the anointing, not even one stir in his spirit of My indwelling presence. They can’t hear Me, spiritually see Me, nor feel Me.

The believer begins to question whether or not he or she has done the unpardonable sin. He or she frantically takes memory into overdrive searching to remember what sin was committed that caused Me to as it appears; leave town.

In the midst of this darkness the believer searches for Me. Many times the searching is in the wrong places. The believer calls a friend who by the end of the conversation has made him or her feel like the biggest idiot on planet earth. The searching leads the believer to prayer meetings where sisters and brothers are praying heaven down; where everyone is feeling Me; where everyone is reaching out and grabbing everything I am offering in My presence and the believer feels nothing. The believer himself leaves the meeting in a more darkened state than before he or she arrived.

In the midst of this divine darkness the believer searches for all the reasons and sources that could possibly be the cause for the darkness encompassing them. Oh the warfare that the believer does with the enemy who is not even the source behind the darkness however, I will inform you of this very thing; contingent upon where you are in this divine darkness, and what you do in this present darkness, the enemy will capitalize on it.

In the midst of divine darkness My validity and authenticity is questioned. The believer’s very own sanity and spirituality becomes questionable. Your surroundings, My word, and people become questionable.

Even as I share this with you you still wonder what my purpose is for what seems to be a grueling time. Meditate on this. There is something about darkness that is crippling. There is a certain power about darkness that is tormenting. What is it about a sunny day that makes your insides jump with sparks of joy? What is it about a dark night where a storm has come knocking out the current leaving you alone with less comforts than prior to the storm?  Why can you hear sounds in darkness that you’ve never heard before? Why is your awareness sharpened more in the midst of darkness than in sunshine? Divine darkness serves as much purpose if not more than a sunny day. Divine darkness produces in the spirit and soul of man a depth that a sunny day will not produce.

Because many are unlearned about the divine season of darkness and because they can’t fathom a loving God becoming silent to them they begin to faint in the dark season. When I release you daughter to teach and minister to those who are in this season inform them that they are to never stop praying, reading, witnessing, and walking the Christ like way of life. Most of all encourage them to hold fast to the promise of Jesus of never leaving nor forsaking them.  Inform them that this season is creating in them a perfection that continual sunshine can’t.