Followers in our March 1st post on Why would God we spoke on the inmates on fire times with God. The inmate emailed me one of his experiences with God during that time and asked if flip the script would share this with others. We pray that this will bless you!

I saw Him! I have seen Him before but this time was so different. He was sitting down and I sat down next to Him. And as I sat down, I looked at his face. and for the first time could really see Him, REALLY CLEARLY. As soon as my eyes saw his face, tears just started pouring from my eyes, and it was as if my heart could not take the sight of Him. There was a Holy reverence, and a love, and a fear multiplied thousands of times. And I had to look away at times to keep the tears from flowing so fast. It was so scary and so joyous at the same time. And I say scary because that is the closest word to describe what it felt like. He was so kind, and so loving, and so inviting, and just so everything wonderful.
And as I sat there next to Him, I tried to talk, but I couldn’t. Words would not come out. I could not speak at all and I tried several times. Then I realized that I wasn’t supposed to speak. I was just supposed to be there with Him. so I just sat there next to Him. And as I sat there SEEING HIM SO CLEARLY for the first time, I said within myself, “Jesus, You are white.” And He said, “I’m Hebrew.” But I didn’t see his lips move.
As we sat there with each other I started shrinking smaller and smaller. And His skin became transparent. I could see right through Him to His heart. The red, I can still see it. I had finally become so small that I could fit in His hand. But I wasn’t like me anymore. I was just an embryo and I looked like the babies look on an ultrasound. And I was curled up in His hand just like that. And He took me as I was a tiny embryo in His hand and He placed me inside of His heart. Then suddenly His skin was no longer transparent and He was back to how he looked before. Then He stood up and walked off. As he walked I said “I AM IN YOU JESUS!” but I don’t think I used my mouth. And I heard, “And you are IN ME.”
We are IN Him. I can see it so clearly now. We are in His heart in heaven and He is in our hearts on earth. I have read so many scriptures about Him being in us and we being in Him, but now I can really see it.


2 thoughts on “I SAW HIM

  1. this is oh so, oh my goodness, I just don’t have the words to describe this brothers experience. all I can say, is that I would truly love to have this experience myself, and as I shared this with my granddaughter, I am letting her know everything he said was in fact scriptural. we are in him, and he is in us. GLORY TO GOD!

    • I must agree with you Ruth. This is a powerful life changing experience. The Lord has His own ways of making the scriptures come alive in us.