KNOWING the SEASON IV (Divine Darkness)

“Daughter good morning.”

“A good morning indeed Lord. How are ya?”

“Excited daughter”

“Oh I know Lord. I can feel your excitement in my spirit. Are you ready to talk about what you’re excited about?”

“Knowing me as you’re coming to daughter you know that I am”

“You make me smile Lord.”

“My exact intentions daughter. It moves a father’s heart deeply when he brings a smile to his children’s heart and face.”

“Thank you Lord”

“No…thank you daughter”

“Whew you still blow me away with that.”

“Now you’re making me smile. Daughter I enjoyed our post on Divine Darkness so much so that I want to talk more on it.  Have you the time?”

“Need you ask Lord?”

“Remember daughter that I am also a respectful and courteous God even though I am what I am: God. Even though I can demand and command and even force a person to do what I want daughter, I do not abuse this authority. Have you the time daughter?”

“I’m laughing Lord cause I feel like I just got popped on my hand. I have the time Lord.”

“Wonderful dear one. Now…in our post on Divine Darkness we conversed about My silence and being far away while I am yet so near. We talked about this darkness producing in the believer nutrients that the sunshine doesn’t provide. Did you know daughter that dew contains nutrients?

“Never thought about it Lord…hmm”

“Have you really ever sat and meditated on night daughter and all that takes place at night in regards to creation, not what people do because people do some strange things at night, ha ha.”

“I laughed at that too Lord. No I haven’t honestly meditated, researched nor observed for insight, night….hmm.”

“Night daughter has wonderful purposes. Night brings about some wonderful changes. There are some things that grow more at night than in the day. Remember..night was created for more than just man’s  physical rest.

“Now…there is a difference between divine darkness in the lives of the believers and darkness in their lives from the enemy and self. Divine darkness is for my purpose.  Darkness brought on by the enemy is brought on to pull the believer out of purpose and darkness brought on by self is brought on because the believer stepped out of purpose.

“Lord  how does the believer differentiate?”

“In divine darkness daughter I am not talking. In darkness that is brought on by the enemy and self I am talking. In all darkness other than divine darkness the believer will hear My Spirit say things on the order of; “you should pray, praise” or “Take some time out to read” or He’ll put someone on your heart to call and of course that individual will by unction of the Spirit began to talk about what you are being challenged with by the darkness that’s encompassing you. Sometimes there will be a nudging in the believer’s spirit by the Holy Spirit encouraging him or her to come away with Him into fellowship so that He can make them aware of what is going on, why it is going on if it is self inflicted darkness and how to get things back into the light. If it is the enemy who has encompassed the believer in darkness, I will by my spirit make the believer aware of it and will lead him into warfare against the enemy after the believer himself has settled enough to hear, ha ha.

“I laughed at that part too Lord. We can clown with the enemy when he is clowning as you very well know instead of asking you what is going on.”

“This is true daughter. Now…repetitiously saying, divine darkness is ordained with a divine purpose. The purpose is one of spiritual growth; to sharpen spiritual awareness, to help the roots of my word and promises to go deeper into the soils of salvation. Divine darkness carries with it the purpose of pruning from the believer’s walk impurities that go unnoticed in the day light. Divine darkness also carries with it the purpose of stilling the believer. I want to hang out right here for a few minutes daughter.”

“Oh please do Lord. Go ahead and bust me between the eyes.”

“I sure do love this humorous quality about you daughter.