KNOWING THE SEASON IV (Divine Darkness Finalized)

Divine darkness carries with it the purpose of stilling the believer. Some of you are so busy being caught up in so many things that if it were not for darkness daughter I couldn’t get in to have in depth conversations like we’re having this morning. If it were not for the dark season I wouldn’t be able to change the directions of the course many believers travel.  Don’t misunderstand me now. The believer is to occupy until the return of Christ yet some believers are overly occupied so much so that I can’t use them in areas and places that I want to.  Mind you daughter these believers are doing good things however, the many good things sometimes hinders the believer from walking into the ordain things for his or her life.  You’ve seen the truth of this many times daughter. How often have you seen believers working and operating in many fields of ministry and by the time they allow me to bring them into what I’ve ordained for their lives they’ll say after years of doing totally opposite, “I wonder why it took me so long to get to this place.”

“Well…. some of the many good things kept them preoccupied to the point where they couldn’t walk into the ordained things. I have even sent to some believers people who sit in my presence with the message of, “Sweetie what you are doing at this time is not what the Lord has called you to do.” Now daughter do we really want to talk about clowning today?”

“Now that’s funny Lord. I’ve been in that seat before and clowning is a mild word for the actions, thoughts and words that spewed from these sanctified lips.”

“I know daughter….I was there.”

“Hey….stop laughing Lord.”

“Seriously daughter; some believers feel that if they are not doing one hundred million things then they are not serving me. What I’m about to say is going to choke some reading this post. I promise you daughter that I won’t let them choke to death.”

“Funny Lord continue please. Curiosity makes me anxious to hear.”

Alright daughter…good things can be deceiving. This is a flip the scripts moment. Again…good things can be deceiving. I can elaborate on this but I will not at this time. What I want you to do daughter is to fashion this statement into a question and post it. Let’s delve into the insights of the followers. After the respondents respond we then will elaborate on this statement.

“Will do Lord. You know my mind went into overdrive when you said that. Did you see the many thoughts,  memorable experiences and accounts of biblical histories that flooded my psyche?”

“Need you ask daughter? Divine darkness has a way of stilling the believer.  Divine darkness has a way of pruning, purifying and perfecting. Every authentic believer will experience this darkness.

“to be continued”