“Good morning, Father”

“Good morning daughter”

“I kept hearing you last night at work, last night as I slept and again this morning. Let’s converse about your heart’s concern Lord.”

“Thank you, daughter. I knew you’d hear me. Saying that doesn’t mean hearing with the natural senses. It means with your spiritual senses where you and I are connected. I say this this morning because a follower of the blog has questioned within himself how it is that you and I are able to commune as we do. The follower asked within himself if you and I really commune or if you’re making up the things, I give you to post. By having you post the follower’s inward thoughts which he has shared with no one will indeed show him this day that I am who and what I say I am; God. For no man knows the inward unexpressed thoughts of man except I and those to whom I reveal. To this follower I say be at rest, follow and teach me in a more personal way.

“Amen Lord.”

“Daughter presentation says a whole lot. The thought of the follower is what prompted me to at this time converse about presentation. Let me say this; Flip the Scripts is My doing. It doesn’t matter who I used to bring my idea and plan into fruition.  I use people and things to bring my thoughts, ideas and plans into fruition. Those who really knows me knows at least this about me. As long as the earth stands and man is in it I will use be he sinner or saint whom I will, where I will and how I will.

What I am doing with this plan in this season is touching the lives, minds, and hearts of individuals through the writings of a person few know, and many don’t. Through this method no one can say she is saying this because she knows this, that and the other about me. As much as man trusts in man he really doesn’t have a trust in man. This statement also is a flip the script moment. Trust is trust be it little or much. The degrees of trust can be developed as well as diminished. This in itself is a whole new topic one of which I will not go in today. Let’s talk presentation.

“Okay Lord”

“Daughter my heart is truly burdened with a few ways that I am being presented. Being unlearned brings about a majority of the misrepresentation. So today I am going to represent myself. I need no lawyer, judge or jury.

“Well alright God.”

“Number one daughter; I am not a partial God. Man represents me as being partial. Let’s pull partiality apart to determine whether I am a liar or the man who accuses me. Partiality suggests incompleteness and prejudices. Partiality says I show favoritism. It says I am one sided. This means my ways are unjust, my thoughts are unjust, my knowledge is unjust. It says that I am a messed-up God.

“In my own defense let me ask some very pertinent questions. Starting with creation I ask, when I created the earth did, I make it for one person or for all who dwell therein? When I hanged the sun in the sky was it hanged to give light, heat, nutrients and nourishment to one person or to many? When I cause rain to pour from the clouds to water the earth to make it bring forth and bud so there will be both seed for the sower and bread to the eater; is the rain poured on one person’s crop or on many? Does one person eat or does many? The air that is breathed was it given for one or for many? Did I make the provision for food for one or for many? Did I give blood to one living and not to all?

“Lord you were just in creation. There is no partiality Lord’

“Hmm…then let us search further daughter. In my making of male and female summed up; man was there any variances between the two as being human. By this I am asking; did I show the man Adam more attentions than I did; and put this one in bold print daughter, the Man Eve?  Adam called her woman. Though the design differed the purpose didn’t.  The design does not null, void or do away with the purpose. I created man to come into fellowship with me. Did I walk in partiality and say to Adam; because thou hast been created by sexual gender a male then you and I can commune and Eve because thou art by sexual gender female you and I can have no dealings. I didn’t make Eve for Adam alone. Eve was made for me before she was ever made for Adam. Meditate on this.

‘Your time has shortened daughter. Prepare for work. We will continue this conversation later.”

“Okay Lord. I hate to leave. Call me when you’re ready to continue. Love you Lord and try to have a good day.”

“You have a way of making me smile daughter.”